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Recap / Kamen Rider Ex Aid Ep 16 The Paradox Of Defeating M

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Written by Yuya Takahashi
Directed by Satoshi Morota

The Episode begins at CR. Poppy is in a panic due to the events of the last Episode, but Emu re-assures her that the patient comes first. The two soon find that the operating room has been redecorated into a second home for Nico, who recoils with utter disgust at Emu's attempts to inquire. Poppy remembers that Emu is a source of stress for her and kicks him out of the room. Meanwhile, Hiiro tells his father of Emu's game disease; only to be summoned by Emu, whom he meets up on the roof. As Hiiro leaves, Taiga comes up to the Director.

On the rooftop, Emu asks Hiiro why he attacked him, coming to the conclusion that Hiiro recognized Emu as a source of Nico's stress and reacted. Hiiro denies this, yet refuses to come clean; faking the old grudges he had against Emu earlier on to keep up the lie. Hiiro transforms into Brave level 1 in another attempt to operate, but is interrupted by the Revol Bugster and an army of Viruses as the combatants are stage-selected elsewhere. Emu has a realizaton concerning Nico's stress, but is intercepted by Genm Zombie Gamer as he attempts to leave. Meanwhile, Taiga has strong-armed the Director into getting access to CR, aiming to whisk away with Nico Saiba. Back at the combat site, the Viruses are destroyed, but Genm uses Critical Dead to knock Brave and Ex-Aid out of their transformation. The evil Rider seizes Hiiro's Gashats., and goes for Emu's. However, a burst of anger from Emu activates his dormant Bugster infection, making him physically strong enough (in his un-henshined civillian form!) to directly attack Genm. Genm readies himself to retaliate, but Parado arrives and the two villains flee. Emu goes off to tend to Nico, promising to retrieve Hiiro's Gashats as well.


Taiga has taken Nico back to his clinic, where, once Emu and Asuna arrive, they find out the reason why Nico hates Emu: A Flashback Sequence shows that Emu won against Nico in a gaming tournament six years prior. This was her first loss in an otherwise perfect winning streak. (Taiga states that she is now a gaming celebrity earning millions of dollars) Offended by the drama that Nico has caused over something so silly, Asuna calls her hatred "shallow." Nico hasn't given up her grudge though, and wants to become a Kamen Rider herself to beat Emu. This infuriates Taiga immensely, who explains that this isn't just a game and that they are risking their lives to battle the Bugster. Nico runs off with Asuna pursuing her. Meanwhile, Taiga challenges Emu to a fight.

Outside, Emu explains to Taiga that the Bugster is protecting him because he is Nico's source of stress. Taiga, with visible hesitation, says that Nico had nothing to do with his decision to Fight Emu, and he transforms into Kamen Rider Snipe. The Revol Bugster, Parado , and Kuroto Dan all arrive to battle the other Riders. Everyone transforms and begins fighting each other, Snipe transformng into Drago Knight Hunter Z Full Dragon and Ex-Aid into Double Action Gamer XX. Genm advances on Ex-Aid, but Para-DX breaks up the battle and wants Ex-Aid all for himself. Genm instead begins fighting the under-levelled Snipe. Asuna brings Nico Saiba to the battlefield to watch the carnage in the hopes of educating her, putting special emphasis on Snipe's hopeless battle against Zombie Gamer. Nico, in an act of recklessness, grabs a mop and attempts to attack Genm.....with predictable results.


As the Revol Bugster hates the fact that the battle is an all-out brawl, it sees Kamen Rider Para-DX attacking Ex-Aid (Nico's stress-source) and ends up attackng it's superior due to it's programming. Para-DX bitterly chuckles at the stupidity of "an NPC" and despite Genm's objections, destroys it with a Knockout Fighter Critical Strike, it's data being absorbed into Genm's Bugvisor. Satisfied, the villains leave. Emu then has another head-ache from his infection. Nico, having not given up on her hatred of Emu leaves with Taiga after trying and failing to get him to antagonize him some more.

As they leave, Asuna laments on how Nico was the first patient Emu couldn't make smile.

  • A House Divided: Foreshadowed. Parado's destruction of the Revol Bugster starts revealing cracks in his and Kuroto's otherwise decent partnership.
  • Artificial Stupidity: The Revol Bugster in the Episode's final battle. See Stop Helping Me! below.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Kamen Rider Para-DX to Mighty Action Gamer Double XX and the Revol Bugster.
    • Genm Zombie Gamer against Nico wielding a mop.
  • It Amused Me: Parad again reminds Kuroto Dan that he fights solely for his own amusement, having no problems destroying the Revol Bugster fighting for them in the process just because it interrupted him briefly.
  • Jerk Justifications: When Emu asks Hiiro the rooftop why he and Taiga attacked him, Hiiro cannot tell Emu he is operating on his Game Disease, so he fakes his old grudges instead.
    • Also revealed to be subverted with Taiga. He wants everyone's Gashats, but he also wants to cure the Bugster virus just as much as his ex-colleagues.
  • Not a Game: Both Taiga and Asuna say this to Nico after she refuses to give up her grudge against Emu.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: When Kuroto confronts Parado on why he destroyed the Revol Bugster working with them, Parad gives him an intensely cold stare before resuming his signature Slasher Smile and reminding Kuroto that It Amused Him. Kuroto's eyes go wide at this before changing the subject to Kamen Rider Chronicle again.
  • Product Placement: The game used in the tournament flashback was the currently-upcoming Tekken 7: Fated Retribution.
  • Skewed Priorities: Emu and Poppy are both floored when they discover that Nico's grudge against Emu stems not from a wrong done to her, but from her losing to Emu at an old gaming tournament, preventing her from attatining a record of perfect wins. Rather small potatoes compared to the sentient gaming virus epidemic killing people.
  • Sore Loser: The ultimate reason why Nico hates Emu. See Skewed Priorities.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Taiga approaches Haima in this manner.
  • Stop Helping Me!: Downplayed. The Bugster infecting Nico is protecting Ex-Aid since the Rider is her source of stress. This leads it to attack Kamen Rider Para-DX, it's superior, when it sees him attacking Ex-Aid. This doesn't really do anything but get it unceremoniously destroyed, though.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Emu's Game Disease infection gives Emu enough strength to battle the transformed Genm Zombie Gamer in his civvies.
  • The Reveal: The latest symptom of Emu's Game Disease infection makes his civillian form strong enough to physically push away Genm Zombie Gamer.
  • The Un-Reveal: Nico's incredibly personal grudge against Emu came about because.... she lost to him at a gaming tournament.
    • Snipe also has seemingly-full control over Drago Knight Hunter Z's Full Dragon Form, despite it being unstable when Emu used it.
  • They Knew the Risks: Subverted. While no-body dies, Asuna uses this logic (alongside Not a Game) to explain why the Kamen Riders are fighting; hoping that this explanation will snap Nico out of her lust for vengeance. It's unclear if it worked.

    Gashat Count: Ex-Aid: 5 Brave: 0 (Eliminated) Snipe: 3 Genm: 5 Parad-DX: 1

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