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Recap / Father Ted S 2 E 1 Hell

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It's July 19th and Ted finds himself trying to remember what he's supposed to be doing that day. Dougal tries his best to figure it out, and Ted suddenly remembers that it's the day they go on holiday. One of Ted's fellow priests has lent him the use of his caravan, so they pack Jack and their things and head out for some rest and relaxation.

When the priests arrive at the caravan park, they find a luxurious caravan waiting for them and that it's the wrong one. After dealing with the angry owner Mr. Gleason and the police, they are redirected to the actual caravan: a miserably-tiny coffin of a mobile home.


The priests try to make do, but between the lack of space and Dougal forgetting to bring their own entertainment, they have few options. Ted tries to invite his friend Father Larry Duff to liven things up, but he doesn't answer his cell phone as he crashes his car off a cliff when the ringtone distracts him. They try some hide-and-seek, which Dougal hopelessly fails at. They even attempt some sightseeing, but the sights aren't much to see and they earn another visit from the police when they stumble onto Mr. Gleason making love to his wife. In their panic, they forget about Jack, whose wheelchair ends up rolling off a cliff.

When they come back to their caravan, Ted and Dougal find that it's been taken up by the obnoxious Father Noel Furlong and his youth group who keep them up all night with his singing and dancing. In their desperation to escape, they spot Mr. Gleason coming and hide in the outhouse only to end up landing on Mrs. Gleason during her business, sending her husband after them once more. The priests get in their car and drive off, with Mr. Gleason clinging on their windshield for miles until they stop and he slashes their tires out of spite.


Ted and Dougal are forced to walk all the way back to the parochial house. Things briefly look up when Tom drives by in a sewage truck that he's been tasked to deliver and offers them a ride, but as per the priests' usual luck, Tom accidentally dumps the sewage on them when he tries to open the door. As to Jack, he finds himself in good spirits when he wakes up on a yacht surrounded by lovely bikini models.


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