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This is a list of episodes of Evil Con Carne, the short-lived sister show of Cartoon Network's The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy about the eponymous incompetent supervillain organization led by brain-in-a-jar-on-a-bear Hector Con Carne, perky mad scientist Major Doctor Ghastly, and luckless General Skarr, as well as their attempts to take over the world. It premiered on August 24, 2001 as part of the Grim and Evil show. On July 11, 2003, Grim and Evil split into The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Evil Con Carne. The former proved to be much more popular and the latter aired its final episode on October 22, 2004 with a total of 13 episodes over 2 seasons. However, General Skarr would go on to become a recurring character in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy while Hector and Ghastly would make cameos in a couple episodes, most prominently in the Season 7 episode "Company Halt".


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    Season Zero (Grim & Evil segments, 2000-2002) 
  1. Evil Con Carne: In the pilot, Hector prepares a doomsday device to get rid of Boskov.
  2. Emotional Skarr: Skarr uses Ghastly's latest weapon.
  3. Evil Goes Wild: Hector and Boskov land in the middle of the forest and team up with bears.
  4. The Smell of Vengeance: Hector prepares the stink ray.
  5. Devolver: Ghastly accidentally shot Skarr with her Devolver.
  6. Tiptoe Through The Tulips: Boskov is in hibernation, which made Hector very angry.
  7. Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne: Learn how and why Hector lost his body.
  8. Search And Estroy: Hector plans to steal his rival's plans for dominating the world.
  9. Everybody Loves Uncle Bob: Hector Con Carne takes over a kid's show.
  10. Evil On Trial: Hector gets caught by the FBI.
  11. The Time Hole Incident: Hector time-travels to the future.
  12. Christmas Con Carne: Hector plans to take control of Santa Claus.
  13. The Pie Who Loved Me: In this musical episode, Hector was delivering pies filled with a special ingredient to stop his enemies.

    Season One (2003-2004) 
  1. Gutless!: Stomach falls ill when Hector plans an attack on Buckingham Palace.
  2. Day of the Dreadbot: Hector replaces his army with robots, but they overthrow him.
  3. League of Destruction: Hector comes up with a plan to unite the world's evil geniuses.
  4. Son of Evil: Hector's son, Destructicus, returns from the future and disappoints his father when it turns out he is a superhero.
  5. The Right to Bear Arms: Ghastly makes a device to place in Hector in Skarr, but Skarr and Boskov end up switching arms.
  6. The Trouble with Skarrina: Skarr falls in love with a female robot duplicate of himself created by Estroy as a trap.
  7. Go SPORK: Cod Commando and his team must stop Hector from brainwashing the world.
  8. Boskov's Day Out: Ghastly takes Boskov for a walk while Skarr works with Boskov's circus owner to get him back.
  9. Cod vs Hector: Hector and Cod Commando get stuck on an island.
  10. Max Courage: In this Jonny Quest parody, Ghastly captures an old friend to help her on a new weapon.
  11. Ultimate Evil: Hector has Boskov trained to become vicious.

    Season Two (2004) 
  1. No No Nanook / Teenage Idol: Hector and Skarr go to the Canadian Arctic to plant a polar disruption device; Hector finds a stone idol that will let him rule the world, but it wants to date Ghastly.
  2. The Mother of All Evils / The HCCBDD: Hector must keep his terrorist organization as well as his current body condition a secret from his blind mother; Ghastly creates a mysterious device for Hector, but Estroy seeks to steal it.
  3. Gridlocked and Loaded / Fool's Paradise: Hector, Ghastly, and Skarr get stuck in traffic with a new recruit; Hector and his minions go on vacation.
  4. Jealousy, Jealous Do / Hector, King of the Britons: Hector gets a new secretary who is actually a double agent, but her behavior towards Hector makes Ghastly jealous; Hector tries to take over Britain by searching for Excalibur.

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