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Heartwarming / Evil Con Carne

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  • Uncle Bob being told by his sock puppet Warren that he has to stop Hector Con Carne for the children that look up to him in "Everyone Loves Uncle Bob".
  • Destructicus Con Carne stopping Skarr from messing with the time stream and giving a heartfelt farewell to both the present Hector and Ghastly and their aged future selves in "The Time Hole Incident".
  • Hector's concern for the well-being of his stomach in "Gutless", especially his response to Stomach pleading him not to leave.
    Hector: I cannot stay, for only I can avenge you!
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  • In its own twisted way, Skarr saying how proud he is of Skarrbot after he betrays him in "Day of the Dreadbot".
  • Hector being welcomed to a group of aliens who also happen to be brains and stomachs mounted onto live animals in "No No Nanook".
  • Hector's mother saying that she's fine with her son being evil in "The Mother of All Evils".

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