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As a quotes page, expect lax spoiler rules: as folders cover the entire series yet so far, and several examples involve very significant plot threads and twists, open them at your own risk. You Have Been Warned.

Hector Con Carne: Once upon a time, there was a jillionaire playboy who blown up from a tremendous explosion. His brain survived.
Stomach: Stomach, too.
Hector Con Carne: And was attached to the body of a stupid, circus bear! I am that brain. My name is Hector Con Carne, and I will want to rule the world!

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    Season 0 

General Skarr: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, sir, but the League of Nations had sent a team of crack commandos to stop us.
Hector Con Carne: Commandos? How can we stop them from kicking out butts, General Skarr?
General Skarr: Hmmm. Cover our butts with our hands, sir?

    Season 1 

General Skarr: Stick the knife in his back, and twist! Twist!! TWIIIIIIIIIIIIST!!!!
Skarrbot: Knife in back, twist, twist, twist.

    Season 2 


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