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Recap / Earth Final Conflict S 2 E 1 First Of Its Kind

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At the Resistance base, Agent Siobhan Beckett gives birth to a human-Kimera hybrid, the child of her, Ronald Sandoval, and Ha'gel. Beckett's CVI is used to block the memory of the last several days in order to conceal the Resistance base's location. The CVI is set to kill Beckett should she start to remember. The boy rapidly grows into an adult man, who takes on the identity of Major Liam Kincaid, who fought alongside William Boone during the S-I War. Rayna's replicant programming takes over, turning her into a killing machine, and the replicant assassinates the Taelon Synod's leader Quo'on at Boone's funeral. Liam manages to protect Da'an, who requests him as his new Protector. Sandoval initially rejects Liam due to his refusal to accept a CVI, but Zo'or bends the rules and allows Liam to become Da'an's Protector without the implant or a Skrill, hoping that the replicant kills Da'an. The replicant attempts to kill Da'an, but Liam reveals that he possesses the "shaqarava", a special organ that allows him to emit energy blasts from his palms, something he inherited from his Kimera parent. Da'an and Zo'or are both seeking to lead the Synod, and Da'an believes that Liam represents the next step in human evolution.


  • Assassination Attempt: The replicant kills Quo'on during Boone's funeral and later attempts to kill Da'an. The latter fails thanks to Liam, who uses the "shaqarava" to destroy the replicant.
  • Character Death: Quo'on is killed by the replicant. Also, the moment the replicant's programming takes over, Rayna's personality is destroyed, so she's effectively dead. Liam destroys the replicant at the end of the episode, so she's physically dead as well.
  • Dead Person Impersonation: The child impersonates Major Liam Kincaid, who is listed as MIA after the S-I War. He learns the details of Kincaid's life, while Augur alters the records to make the photos look like the fake Liam. Presumably, Liam was looking for someone Boone knew who was also named Liam.
  • Genetic Memory: According to Dr. Park, the Taelons are born with the memories of their parents. Liam is likewise born with some of Ha'gel's memories and those of Siobhan Beckett, like her knowledge of Celtic runes and Irish folklore.
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  • Half-Human Hybrid: Liam Kincaid is part-Kimera by way of his parent Ha'gel. This somehow gives him a triple-helix DNA and some inhuman abilities. He also doesn't appear to share any features of his human father Ronald Sandoval, who is Filipino, inheriting his looks from his Irish mother.
  • Hand Blast: Due to being part-Kimera, Liam possesses the "shaqarava" organ, which manifests itself by allowing him to project energy from his palms. He uses that ability to protect Da'an from the replicant and to destroy it.
  • Memory-Wiping Crew: While it's impossible to completely remove Beckett's memories of the last several days, the Resistance doctors manage use her CVI to suppress the memories. They also program the CVI to kill Beckett if she remembers anything. She gets a splitting headache and blood coming out of her ear when meeting Liam, but he reassures her that they've never met before.
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  • Rapid Aging: Liam is born only a few hours after Ha'gel impregnates Agent Beckett and grows to an adult male just as quickly. Despite this, he is able to talk and function like an adult. The aging slows down to normal human levels after this.
  • The Reveal: The Amish probe was sent by a race known as the Jaridians, who are at war with the Taelons.
  • Secret Keeper: Da'an learns about Liam's "shaqarava" and chooses to keep it quiet from everyone else. He mistakenly believes that the "shaqarava" developed naturally and that Liam represents the next step in human evolution rather than being a Half-Human Hybrid.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: At Boone's funeral, the flag is given to Da'an. Except Boone has a sister, who should have been the one to receive the flag as next of kin.


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