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Recap / Digimon Adventure E 38 Revival The Demon Lord Venom Vamdemon

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Continuing on the heels of the defeat of Vamdemon, the Chosen Children realize that the fog is not going away. At the perfect moment Gennai comes with a message for Koushirou detailing a prophecy.

First, the sky will be concealed by a flock of bats. The people will chant the name of the undead Digimon king. When the clock strikes the number of the beast, the undead Digimon king will reveal his true form as the beast. The angels will let fly the arrows of hope and light at the loved ones of whom they are to protect, and a miracle will happen.

The prophecy only makes the kids confused and provides no clues on how to make the fog go away, so they decide to check up on their families in the meantime.

While Yamato's father fills Koushirou's parents on the details, Jou comes home to find his brother Shinnote  hiding in the closet, who is surprised by the appearance of Pukamon. Yamato, Takeru, and their father decide to look for a way to break through the fogs, while the others go to Big Sight to find their families.

Shin and Jou arrive at the convention center first, where Shin asks if Jou wants to be a doctor like his father wants, telling him that it may not be a suitable profession to Jou since he's Afraid of Blood. While easily clearing away some Bakemon, the Chosen find their parents alive but comatose, and as Shin inspects them, he tells Jou to live the life he wants to live and not the one their father wants him to. Shin reveals that he himself wants to work on an island without any doctors, against their father's wishes. While Hikari and Tailmon worry that it's their fault the adults are comatose, Sora worries about her unconscious mother.


Out on the ocean, Takeru, Yamato, and their father are unable get on the other side of the fog barrier and head back to shore, where they are attacked by Gizamon. As soon as the Gizamon attack, they're absorbed by a nearby flock of bats who merge with the fallen Vamdemon's mask, fulfilling the first part of the prophecy.

Back at the convention center, Koushirou's parents reveal to him the full truth of his Oblivious Adoption, but Koushirou reveals that he already knew the truth and that he had retreated into his computer work in an attempt to ignore it and pretend that everything had been the same as before. However, his father tells him that there's nothing wrong with being into computers and that it's a part of who he is, and that Koushirou's biological father -- his adoptive father's relative -- had been a genius mathematician and a lecturer at a university. Koushirou's real parents had died in a car accident, and his adoptive parents had decided to raise Koushirou as their own, having lost their own child once as a baby. Koushirou thanks them for telling the truth to him, and his adoptive parents reaffirm to him that they only want him to be who he truly is, leaving Tentomon to look on as Koushirou cries in his parents' arms.


Suddenly, the adults unconscious in the center start to sit up and chant Vamdemon's name, fulfilling the next part of the prophecy, while a shadow appears inside Vamdemon's fallen mask and demands that PicoDevimon gather him more data. PicoDevimon redirects more bats toward the shadow, rejoicing that Vamdemon will be restored soon.

The kids check back at the prophecy and realize that Vamdemon will rise again when the clock strikes "the number of the beast", which Yamato's father identifies as 666, and Taichi deduces that it means that Vamdemon will rise at 6:06:06 PM. He checks his Digivice's clock, sees that it's 6:00, and realizes that there isn't much time. Yamato's father takes them to the Fuji TV building rubble, but they fail to make it and see in the distance Vamdemon reborn as VenomVamdemonnote . Agumon and Gabumon evolve to Greymon and Garurumon.

PicoDevimon boasts about the new form only to be swallowed by VenomVamdemon as a final snack before he levels the town. The kids go to Big Sight to save the adults, and so Greymon and Garurumon super-evolve to take Vamdemon on... only to be defeated.

At Big Sight, the Chosen realize that their only choice is to defeat VenomVamdemon since there are too many adults to get to safety. Tailmon has an idea, and tells Patamon to come with her while the others save energy for their evolutions. Mimi asks Tailmon why Tailmon reverts to her Adult form from Perfect while the others generally revert to Baby... which Tailmon explains as her having "a better level of self-discipline" before she super-evolves to Angewomon and Patamon evolves to Angemon in order to help defeat VenomVamdemon.

MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon fare poorly against VenomVamdemon, regressing to Agumon and Gabumon, but Angewomon and Angemon arrive in time. Koushirou analyzes VenomVamdemon and finds him to be of Ultimatenote  level. Yamato is shocked to find that there's a level above Perfect, while the Chosen consider the next part of the prophecy: "The angels will let fly the arrows of hope and light at the loved ones of whom they are to protect, and a miracle will happen." Koushirou identifies the angels as Angewomon and Angemon, the ones whom they are to protect as Hikari and Takeru, and the loved ones as Taichi and Yamato.

Koushirou is a little mystified at why Angewomon and Angemon would shoot arrows at Taichi and Yamato, but Koushirou's mother points out that in Greek mythology, Cupid shot arrows at people to fill them with love, and Tentomon figures that it must be a similar type of thing. Hikari and Takeru are worried, knowing that there's a risk Taichi and Yamato might die, but Taichi and Yamato assure them that they'll be all right, and with that, Hikari and Takeru give the order to their Digimon to shoot their brothers.

Taichi and Yamato admit to each other that they're scared and hold hands, and Angewomon and Angemon let the arrows fly, triggering Agumon and Gabumon's warp-evolutionsnote  into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon: the "miracle" of the prophecy.


  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • The main Digimon easily handle Myotismon's Bakemon henchmen, carving their way through a good-sized horde of them with ease and with no meaningful resistance on the specters' part.
    • The heroes find themselves on the receiving side when VenomMyotismon easily trounces Garurumon and Greymon.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: It was stated that Myotismon was reluctant to digivolve into his Mega form, as it would cost him his intelligence, but the Digidestined had backed him into a corner.
  • Devour the Dragon: Myotismon ruthlessly hunts down and devours his own forces to fuel his transformation — Snimon, Tuskmon, the Gizamon and DemiDevimon are all shown being devoured by their lord, who now sees more use in them as snacks than as allies.
  • One-Winged Angel: After he finishes devouring his forces, Myotismon transforms into his Mega-level form, the stories-tall demon VenomMyotismon, and gains enough power to easily handle the heroes at their Champion and Ultimate levels.


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