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Recap / Death Note Ep 05 Tactics

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After getting off the hijacked bus, Penber tells Light that he's under orders to investigate a case. Therefore, Light must promise not to tell the police force about all this, especially his own father. Light agrees to keep this a secret. As soon as he leaves, Light thinks it's all according to plan.

As soon as Penber gets home from work, his fiancée has suspicions of her own about the bus hijacking incident. Realizing what she's thinking, he brushes this off, reminding her that she's not an FBI agent anymore and shouldn't get involved in the Kira case. He reminds her that's the promise she made when they arrived in Japan so that he can meet her parents. She apologizes for this habit, but Penber apologizes as well, and says to just forget about the argument.


At night, Light has decided to spare Penber for the week and sends another message to L. The following week, he is in the subway to test out an experiment: if he writes down the cause of death first before the name is written down, it will happen. As soon as Penber enters, Light confronts him without showing his face and gets him to write down the names of all 12 FBI agents who are investigating the Kira case under L. While in the middle of this, Penber feels that he's heard Light's voice before. He walks away from the train, then he suddenly collapses from a heart attack. No one in the station seems to notice. Looking back at the train, he sees Light watching him from inside before dying.

The President of the United States calls off the US's investigation in Japan after learning of the FBI deaths. Back at the police headquarters, L decides to have a face-to-face meeting with whichever officers are willing to trust him enough to continue to work with him. Chief Soichiro and a handful of others go to the hotel where L is staying.


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