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Recap / Card Captor Sakura Sakura And The Nameless Book

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Spoiler warning: The following recap contains details about the events of the episode.

The day begins with Sakura coming downstairs for breakfast as per usual on a school day. Her greeting is met by Touya's characteristic snarking with the ever-present 'kaiju' remark, which she naturally takes offense to; when he goes on to suggest that she's getting fat she really begins to strain from the irritation. When he finishes by easily restraining her and stating she's not really any taller than before she pictures becoming "taller than the telephone poles" and stepping on him.


The episode's title card now flashes by.

We now get a picture of a great dragon in the midst of tall grey mountains, which turns out to be Naoko's visualisation of a passage she's reading in a book. Sakura greets her and asks her to join her for lunch; when she asks about the book Naoko shows her the cover titled 'Dragon Mountain' and explaining it's a library book. Sakura, knowing the way some of Naoko's tastes run, nervously asks if it's scary, to which Naoko answers that it's just a run-of-the-mill fantasy novel. Sakura's reaction seems to suggest she's not encountered the word 'fantasy' before.

When lunchtime rolls round Tomoyo explains to Sakura what fantasy generally means, which intrigues our heroine. When asked about the plot of her book, Naoko explains that not only does it contain dragons but that it includes huge turtles "as big as mountains". Meilin pops up explaining that China has similar tales, giving examples of an old man with a very long beard and a horse that's super-fast, before quietly asking about Syaoran's whereabouts. One of Sakura's friends mentions that she saw him going up to the roof, which leads to a quick farewell from Meilin before she dashes off.


Syaoran Li is on the roof, looking intensely out over Tomoeda. When Meilin arrives he's quite startled by her abrupt appearance, and when she asks him why he didn't join her for lunch he barely starts explaining when she begins accussing him of bad behaviour. Eventually he points out that there was a presence he had picked up on, which settles her down as she considers what this could mean, leading him to affirm that it's a Clow card.

That afternoon, Sakura and her friends are walking around downtown when Naoko spots a second-hand bookshop; she asks the others about checking it out and yet only Sakura openly consents. Tomoyo and Sakura share a brief discussion about Naoko's love of literature when Sakura's startled by the presence of the self-same Clow card, Tomoyo asks her if it's worth checking out at this time and Sakura's initially intent on doing so until Rika asks them if there's an issue, prompting Sakura to shrug it off and to return later on when the streets should be clear. Meanwhile Naoko's been browsing the bookshelves when she finds a book with no title to it, a flick through causes her to stumble upon a note asking the reader finish the story with their own writings, complete with a feather quill. Naoko finds this a delight and decides to buy it.


That night Sakura's returned to the same street with Tomoyo and Kero, once again attired in one of Tomoyo's 'battle costumes'; as Kero remarks about Tomoyo's pleasure in filming Sakura's actions as the Cardcaptor they're interrupted by a sharp remark as Syaoran and Meilin arrive. Meilin puts them down by stating that Syaoran was the first to detect the Clow card while Kero searches for any reason to give Sakura a one-up on Syaoran, to the apparent embarrassment of the two mages. When they simultaneously point in the direction of the card's presence a pair of eyes appear in the darkness, which turns out to be a cat, except that as it passes them it turns out to be as big as a bear. It promptly gives chase to them, the alarming conditions this leads to provokes Sakura to use the Fly card and lift Tomoyo out of the way while she's at it. However Meilin trips and finds herself pinned under the cat's paw, which goads Syaoran into confronting it, successfully persuading it to release her but now has to deal with its eyes being fixed upon him. Interestingly enough this cat seems to recognise them as essentially human and so begins to fuss over Syaoran. Kero now has the opportunity to inform them that this could only have been caused by the Big card; Tomoyo's checking over the meaning of the word 'big' leads Kero to clearly define the Big card's ability to enlarge anything.

A scan over the skyline allows Sakura and Kero to pinpoint the card's location by way of the oversized weeds that have appeared. Their departure does not go unnoticed by Syaoran, who immediately sets off in pursuit until the giant cat pins him down in its continual fussing, which leads to Meilin tugging on its whiskers in frustration. As Sakura sails over the sight of the giant weeds Kero shows her the Big card in all her manifestation; upon landing Kero loudly instructs Sakura to seal it, whereupon the card casts its spell over a koi in the fountain upon which she sits. The sight of the car-sized koi alarms Sakura when it leaps out of the fountain but Kero pushes on with the fact that she is the Cardcaptor. Once Sakura finds herself facing off the card the latter stands up, causing her pause for thought when she sees just how tall it is, but she carries on and seals it leading to all that the card's enlarged returning to normal. Tomoyo promptly returns the koi to the fountain and Meilin grabs the cat off Syaoran's back with a yell regarding its interference in their endeavour.

Part 2 begins with Naoko having just finished the book she's acquired and considering how she could expand on it, not noticing the faint glow coming from the book she begins writing.

Melin's not at all pleased by the fact that Sakura's got the card and once again argues with Kero as to which circumstances led to Sakura laying claim to it. Sakura begins to try and calm them down until she sees a female figure behind them vanish, which has rather unfortunate implications for her. Initially Meilin's moderately dismissive of Sakura's claim of a ghost although Syaoran doesn't seem so sure; when the same figure floats by and vanishes again not one of them missed it.

In her room Naoko appears to be concluding a passage about a princess before moving on to an apparently new topic.

Sakura's crying out over the fact she's actually seen a ghost, but when Syaoran asks Meilin if she saw it he deduces it's not a ghost because Meilin has no magic powers, which Kero confirms when he learns that Tomoyo saw it too. Sakura breathes a sigh of relief at this until a panther leaps out in front of them, except that this panther has rather cartoonish eyes and sprouts a pair of wings. As they stand there, looking incredulously at the multitude of swirly-eyed animals flying around Kero begins to have suspicions.

Naoko happens to be writing about animals gaining the power of flight at this very moment and has even opted to have literal flying fish in the story.

When asked about the possibility of a Clow card making all these flying animals appear Kero points out that only the Create card could do this, which Syaoran identifies as a card that can make anything written in it come into existence. Sakura wonders why she couldn't detect its presence, which Kero figures must be because the Big card's aura cancelled it out. As he looks about all that's been created he figures that the current writer must have quite a substantial imagination. A query from Tomoyo leads to Kero mentioning that this card typically only works during the night, so they can skip this one for the time being. However a major gust of wind suggests that they may not have that long, especially when it blows all the flying animals away.

Naoko's coming up to a climax in her writing as she speaks of a "huge, enormous king".

The source of the wind comes into view, alarming Sakura as she identifies it as a 'monster', a dragon to be exact. As it comes in for landing it blows them into the bushes. Sakura asks Kero how they can intervene in this situation, which he shrugs off as only coming to an end when the person using the Create card stops writing, an answer Sakura's not too pleased with. The dragon begins stomping through the park towards a built-up area, which Sakura realises would surely lead to rampant destruction under its feet. Syaoran promptly takes action by summoning a lightning bolt to strike it down, which barely makes a dent. Kero figures that the size of the dragon is preventing Syaoran's thunder-spell from having any real effect, which inspires him with a solution.

When Sakura hears Kero's idea she's most reluctant to carry it out. When a fireball's fired from the dragon's mouth into the distance Kero stresses the danger this beast poses to all of Tomoeda but Sakura just can't accept his reasoning for his plan, until Tomoyo pleads with her to carry it out. When Sakura concedes she's stunned by Tomoyo's waxing lyrical over the video footage this plan would bring.

Sakura summons the power of the Big card, enlarging herself to approximately 100'(30m) tall. This earns a cheer from Kero, praise from Tomoyo and even an appreciative gasp from Meilin. Sakura, however, is most embarrassed by her gigantic stature, earning a slight rebuke from Kero who pushes on for her to take on the huge monster. Sakura moves out, thundering across the park with a cry of defiance towards the dragon. When she catches up things seem to be working out as her hold on its tail prevents it from advancing. Kero cheers at this and Meilin exclaims with glee upon seeing a 'real-life giant hero'.

The dragon continues to fight against Sakura's grip, dragging her feet along the ground, until it turns on her with another fireball. Sakura now finds herself running from the dragon, dodging fireballs and stumbling to avoid stepping on the others. Meilin's certainly not happy to see that she appears to have no magical weaponry for fighting the dragon and Syaoran now points out the danger she's in, leading Kero to figure that he had overestimated Sakura's fighting spirit. A kick from the dragon causes Sakura to face-plant in the dirt, leaving a crater in her wake. The sight of the dragon rearing over her causes general alarm from all of them, but a sudden silence causes Sakura to look up at the dragon frozen in place and beginning to disintegrate.

Naoko closes the book now, deciding it would be best for her to retire at this time.

Kero announces that the Create card's no longer being in use and insists that Sakura commence sealing before the dragon completely vanishes. The card fades from Naoko's bedroom table and shoots all the way over to Sakura's position in the park. As it finishes returning to card form it lands in her palm, barely the size of a postage stamp by comparison. Kero praises Sakura's effort, earning a remark from her about her concern in this case, which leads him to remark on her size. Once again the self-conscious giantess expresses embarrassment.

The next morning Naoko rouses and is stunned to find her book is missing. For a moment she cringes before lighting up over the thought that it could have been a supernatural experience.

Sakura begins the new morning in pretty much the same way, but Touya surprised when she hardly reacts to his 'kaiju' remark. Sakura proudly states that she could crush him any time. She pictures actually using the Big card to gain sufficient size to step on him as she takes a drink.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: The very essence of this episode lies with this trope. You've got a cat, several weeds, a koi, a Kaiju and, eventually, Sakura.
  • Behemoth Battle: Averted. When Sakura becomes gigantic her only attempt to stop the Kaiju is to grab its tail to stop it stepping on a built-up area and, when it counterattacks, she doesn't really put up a fight.
  • Cats Are Mean: Downplayed; a giant cat pins down Syaoran and stops him from going after the card. It is just being a cat, however. When Meiling picks it up and scolds it, it just meows like an ordinary cat.
  • Continuity Nod: The Cold Open is almost directly lifted from the breakfast scene in the first episode with some extra dialogue replacing the First Person Voiceover.
  • Cute Giant: Sakura, where Tomoyo (and, to a lesser extent, Meilin) is concerned.
  • Forgot About Her Powers: Lampshaded by Meilin when she asks why the giant Sakura isn't using any magic to attack the Kaiju.
  • Genre Savvy: Due to Naoko studying ghosts and loving them, she deduces that the book disappearing means that something supernatural happened.
  • Gentle Giant: Of a sort. The Big Card is a tall and imposing figure. But, unlike the other cards who fought to keep their freedom, when faced with being sealed by Sakura, Big simply smiles at her and presents herself to be sealed.
  • Giant Equals Invincible: Kero's deduction as to why Li's lightning strike has no effect on the Kaiju.
  • Imagine Spot: Bookends this episode with Sakura imagining growing big enough to stomp Touya.
  • Mega Neko: The first real sign of the Big card.
  • Oh, Crap!: Several times. When the gang first see how big the street cat is, when Sakura sees the first of Create's productions, when they all see the Kaiju that culminates from Create's use and, finally, when the giant Sakura gets knocked over.
  • Reality Warper: Naoko, unintentionally.
  • Refusal of the Call: Sakura initially refuses to grow as large as the monster to stop it, because she's scared. Tomoyo and Kero convince her because otherwise the monster will keep destroying the town.
  • Weirdness Censor: How else could anyone fail to notice a 300-foot long dragon being restrained by a 100-foot schoolgirl?


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