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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 2 E 5 The Transmitter Conspiracy Part 2

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Continued from Part 1

Calvin and Hobbes burst into Andy's house screaming for help, and eventually Hobbes manages to actually tell them what's going on. Shortly after this, Sherman discovers that if Socrates' head chip isn't repaired in a little under five hours, his head will explode. Naturally, Hobbes freaks out again, and Calvin manages to coerce Sherman to make a replacement (with a little help from Andy).


Meanwhile, Dr. Brainstorm attempts to get Socrates' transmitter to work until he gets a message from one of Earl's crew members. Convinced that he's got it, he does a victory dance, accidentally kicking Socrates in the nose and shutting it off in the process. Jack informs him that this sort of thing usually requires an activation number, upon which Brainstorm starts shouting numbers in sequence.note 

After Sherman finishes making the chip, the group heads to Yellowstone to confront Brainstorm, who at the time is still trying to guess the activation number. He actually gets it, but Socrates needs to say it, and it's only then that Jack informs him of this. After the transmitter goes off again for a moment, Socrates begrudgingly starts counting.


Two hours later, the heroes have finally arrived near the entrance, and they land the box and walk (as Brainstorm constantly checks his radar, but it only picks up things in the air), while Brainstorm himself shuts Socrates up and tries to find another way to activate the transmitter.

At around one hour left, Brainstorm analyzes Socrates' brain and finds the chip shortly before the other four burst in, and Calvin battles him while Sherman attempts to get the new chip in. Hobbes and Andy then proceed to distract him.

Meanwhile, Sherman inserts the new chip, managing to get the old one out seconds before it explodes, and Socrates reawakens, no longer in danger. They regroup with Hobbes, Sherman, and Andy and dash out of the lab. Unfortunately, Brainstorm pushes a Big Red Button that causes several lasers and rocket launchers to pop out, and shortly after a steel door slams down - Calvin slides under it Indiana Jones-style, and the others get through, but Socrates is too late.


While Brainstorm approaches, Calvin recites the "how many people have you pranked before Sherman" line to get the transmitter working before he blasts a hole in the wall and drags him through, saving the day and ending the story.



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