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Recap / Battlestar Galactica 2003 S 04 E 02 Six Of One

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Season 4, Episode 2:

Six of One

Kara has confronted Roslin in Bill's quarters, and tells her how she once trusted her. Marines are dispatched to the room to quell the situation.

Kara tells Roslin that she can't understand why the latter doesn't trust her, and asks her to prove it by shooting her if she thinks she's a Cylon. Roslin takes the gun and shoots a photo of herself and Bill instead, and the Marines barge in and arrest Kara. As she's led away to the brig, Kara yells that she needs to find Earth.


On a Cylon Basestar, a differently-dressed copy of Six named Natalie and an Eight copy are watching the Hybrid. They listen to it spouting semi-coherent prophecies about the Final Five, and wonder if the Final Five Cylons are in the Colonial fleet because of the Raiders' actions during the Ionian Nebula battle. They take their hypothesis to a copy of Cavil, who shoots it down and tells them that the Final Five aren't with the fleet and to stop discussing it. He concludes that the Raiders need to be lobotomized to stop them from making foolish decisions.

Meanwhile, the Final Four have another meeting. Tigh brings up Kara's attempted assassination of Roslin, and tells them to keep their activites quiet. He also suggests that Tory seduce Baltar to find out more information about the last Cylon model based on his experiences in the Temple of Five. She is not happy with the suggestion, but reluctantly agrees to do so.


Bill visits Kara in the brig. He tells her that she was a fool to alienate Roslin, and she responds that he is a fool for not believing her. Bill throws her to the floor in anger and leaves.

Later, Bill has a discussion with Roslin about Kara's actions. She claims that Kara can't be trusted, but Bill doubts her story and says she deliberately missed the shot, before suggesting that she is afraid to die alone and without meaning. He leaves, and Roslin breaks down when she realizes her hair is falling out as a result of the cancer treatments.

Lee visits Kara in the brig and tells her that Zarek has nominated him for a seat on the Quorum. He intends to take it, and wishes her luck with whatever happens next. They kiss before he leaves, and he takes one last look around the pilots' room.

He is sworn in soon after as a Quorum delegate in a ceremony with the command crew. Lee thanks his crewmates and tells Dualla that he is happy for her, then leaves with Roslin.


Tory goes to Baltar and seduces him, but cries while having sex with him. When she responds that she isn't sure if she's a Cylon or not, Baltar responds that she has feelings either way, and they continue to kiss.

On the Basestar, an assembled group of Cylon models is voting on whether to lobotomize the Raiders or not. A stalemate is broken by Sharon, who sides with Cavil and other models for the lobotomy. In response, Natalie accuses Cavil of influencing Sharon and voting against her own model, which has never occurred in Cylon culture before.

Kara is escorted from the brig by Helo. Thinking she is going to be Thrown Out the Airlock, she is surprised to meet Bill, who tells her that he has commissioned a ship and crew to help her look for Earth. He tells her that he's not sure it's the right decision, but doesn't want to lose a potential opportunity to find the planet. Kara and Helo go off in the ship, the Demetrius, and jump away...

Back on the Basestar, Raiders are being lobotomized when Natali confronts a group of deciding Cylons and asks them to change their minds. When they refuse, she orders a group of Centurions to enter the room. Cavil orders them to leave, but the Centurions don't respond. Natalie reveals that her side has removed the Centurions' inhibitors.

In response, the Centurions massacre Cavil and the Cylon models who supported the lobotomy decision...


  • Armor-Piercing Question: Bill's question to Roslin about whether her death might be meaningless and if she isn't the prophecized "dying leader".
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: Lee being sworn in as a Quorum delegate.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Kara thinks she's being led to her execution, only to be told that she's being given a ship and crew to go search for Earth.
  • Continuity Nod: The picture Roslin shoots is that of Bill being awarded his medal of distinction in "Hero".
  • Divorce Assets Conflict: Averted. Lee is fine with his divorce from Dualla, and tells her that she can "have the house" during his Quorum inauguration ceremony.
  • Enemy Civil War: A war erupts between different factions of the Cylons - the Ones/Fours/Fives and Twos/Sixes/Eights, which results in the latter massacring a group of the former who tried to lobotomize the Cylon Raiders.
  • Irony: Five episodes after calling out her aide for not being able to "comb her hair once a week", Roslin's hair begins to fall out as a result of the Doloxan treatments.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Lee, when he explains his intention to join the Quorum to Kara.
  • Oh, Crap!: Cavil's reaction when he learns that the Centurions' inhibitors have been removed.
    Natalie: The telencephalic inhibitor that restricts higher functions in the Centurions. We had them removed.
    Cavil: Say what?!
  • Questionable Consent: Tory is ordered by Tigh to seduce Baltar, and is clearly not happy about the situation, to the point that she cries while doing the deed. He convinces her that even if she is a Cylon, she has feelings too, and this makes her feel better.
  • Really Gets Around: Baltar and Tory.
  • Shout-Out: Baltar says "Oh my giddy aunt!" when he sees HeadBaltar for the first time - the phrase was coined by the Second Doctor in Doctor Who.
  • Strip Poker: Racetrack, Hot Dog and the unnamed tattooed pilot are seen playing Stip Triad at Lee's farewell party. Racetrack removes her sweatshirt and Hot Dog is already shirtless by the time the scene begins.
  • Will They or Won't They?: Lee and Kara.
  • Word of God: Natalie, the copy of Six that leads the rebel faction, had her name revealed by Tricia Helfer in an interview prior to the episode airing, and it isn't used in the episode itself.


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