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Recap / Batman: The Animated Series E16 "The Cat and the Claw: Part 2"

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Picking up from the end of "The Cat and the Claw: Part 1", the episode starts with Batman interrogating the mob boss he grilled earlier. The mob boss tells Batman about a train heist, but the boss doesn't know if Red Claw is involved, as she is from out of Gotham and not connected to the local crime outfits. Batman goes to ask Commissioner Gordon if he knows of any trains going through Gotham, and it turns out that there are no commercial trains, but a military train, which is hidden from the schedules.


This military train contains a weaponized plague, which happens to be the one Red Claw wants to unleash on Gotham as part of her plan. As Red Claw and her cronies rob the train, Batman glides in to stop them. Unfortunately, Red Claw gets away, threatening to unleash the plague if he tries anything funny.

Gordon receives a ransom call from Red Claw, who demands $1 billion within 24 hours or else she'll release the plague on Gotham. Batman, out of costume and driving to his date with Selina, calls Gordon and is informed of this. As Bruce picks up Selina and drives away, Selina tells him of her potential success against Multigon. Unfortunately, Red Claw's henchmen, who know Catwoman's secret identity because they were spying on her, attack their car. Bruce and the terrorists engage in a wild car chase. Fortunately, Bruce is able to escape. As Bruce drops Selina at her apartment, he asks Selina to tell him whenever she's in trouble, since Bruce does care about her. When Bruce leaves, Selina changes into her Catwoman costume to investigate Multigon a little more.


At the Batcave, Bruce wonders along with Alfred as to why Multigon would want to get rid of Selina. Alfred notices a strange hair on Bruce's jacket, which Batman realizes is a cat hair; with this clue, he deduces that Selina is Catwoman. He goes to Selina's apartment, where a Multigon worker attacks Selina's secretary Maven. Batman arrives just in time to save her and ask where Catwoman has gone, and Batman follows.

Catwoman is seen at the "resort", where she takes pictures of the military base underneath. Batman arrives to save Catwoman from being killed, but the two are captured when they try to escape.

The two are later seen tied together, where Red Claw has them sealed in a fallout shelter. Red Claw drops acid on the container of the viral plague in order to kill the two, saying that she doesn't need it as long as Gotham feels threatened. The two manage to escape, but Batman urges Catwoman to go on while he tries to destroy the plague. Batman then pours gasoline everywhere and lights it, destroying the compound as well as the virus.


As Catwoman watches the compound explode, Red Claw tries to have her revenge by attacking her, but a mountain lion comes and saves her.

Catwoman goes back to her apartment, where Batman is waiting for her. Batman says he didn't tell the police about the cat burglaries because he didn't want her to be taken away like a common criminal. At which point, he handcuffs her with his special handcuffs.

Tropes in this episode include:

  • Gender Misdirection: Batman thought "Red Claw" was a man until they met.
  • Heartbroken Badass: "I'm sorry, Selina. More than you can ever know."
  • Hollywood Acid: Just a few drops of it seem to be able to eat through a thick metal container.
  • Indy Hat Roll: Catwoman does this to escape the compound.
  • Off-Model: Is this to part 1. While the first part wasn't all that hot, this episode (given to AKOM, one of the lower-tier studios) was a mess, according to Bruce Timm.
    Timm: The whole end sequence was geared around the explosions, and they were some of the worst you'll ever see. We retook all of them two or three times. They were still awful, but we ran out of time and had to air them.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: The fallout shelter explodes because of all the explosives that happen to be lying around.


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