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Recap / American Housewife S 2 E 23 Finding Fillion

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Despite her myriad of successes in planning for the Spring Gala, Katie is finally forced to follow-up on her promise to secure Nathan Fillion as the special guest. Aware of a nearby Fan Convention which he will be attending, she decides to take Oliver (who she gives a crash course in his cult sci-fi series Firefly). Meanwhile, Taylor wants to buy a prom dress for her junior prom, and though Trip was going to take her to NYC to buy the dress, since the convention is also in NYC, Katie insists that she take her instead.


Nathan Fillion makes the first of two consecutive guest appearances As Himself.


  • Adam Westing: Nathan Fillion.
  • Big Applesauce: Katie, Taylor, and Oliver go to New York City to attend a convention and buy Taylor a prom dress.
  • Fan Convention: The Ottos attend one in hopes of meeting Nathan Fillion and convincing him to be a special guest at the gala.
  • Production Posse: Nathan Fillion was previously a co-star of Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, which was created by showrunners Rick Wiener and Kenny Schwartz. He even name-checks the show as part of his CV.
  • Shout-Out: A character at the convention dressed as Doc Brown exclaims "Great Scott!" as an expression of surprise. The soundtrack even dubs in a very appropriate Alan Silvestri-esque string crescendo.
  • Special Guest: Nathan Fillion appears As Himself.
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  • Take That!:
    Oliver: How did Firefly not get a second season? Bones ran for twelve!

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