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"And I can kill a man just by touching him. Now what were your special powers, again?!"
Phantom Limb, The Venture Bros.

"Sorry. I said, "certain death in two stings", but you probably only felt one."
Sui-Feng, to Ggio Vega mere seconds before his death. Bleach

"Let everything that touches this hand die. Ground Death!"
Crocodile, One Piece

In pseudo-scientific terms, Dim Mak functions like acupuncture's evil twin. It theorises that there are pressure points on the body, located on the medians through which the Chi energy – your life force – flows. Think of it like Ley Lines, but on a person instead of an English field cluttered with standing stones and smelly hippies. By touching or manipulating these points, with the right amount of pressure, in the right order, you can disrupt the flow of life, with fatal consequences. It works in the same way a videogame cheat code does, but instead of UUDDLRLRBA, the assailant pokes or punches the correct chakras on your body. Victims either drop dead instantly, or some time later, with the Death Touch effectively putting a ticking time-bomb in their chest. Be forewarned, anyone who's thinking about coming at me with a Dim Mak; my main Chi energy centre is located right up my arse.
Stuart Millard, Smoke & Mirrors and Steven Seagal

General: (to a Secret Service agent) Arrest them!
Rick: Son, you have the right to refuse his order and I guarantee you're going to die if you touch me. And there's no afterlife. Everything just goes black. Don't do it.
(Secret Service agent hesitates but touches him and dies)
Morty: Whoa! Rick!
President: Okay, what was that?!
Rick: Death.
President: What kind?
Rick: Instant.
President: There was no sound, he just died!
Rick: Yeah, terrifying. It's a terrifying thing to watch happen. It's called a deterrent.
Soldier: You couldn't just knock him out!?
Rick: How is "knocking out" a deterrent? Everyone wants to be knocked out. No one wants to be dead.

The cowboy looked at Link's outstretched hand the way a child molester might respond to an unexpected flash of young thigh in a playground. He finished cleaning his hands, put the rag back in his pocket, then shook Link's hand in return. Link felt an unpleasant sensation, as if there were bugs crawling on his skin. He tried to hide it, but he felt sure that the cowboy had seen the change in his expression.
"Buddy Carson," said the cowboy.
He had noticed Link's response. Buddy was finely attuned to the rhythms of other people's bodies. It made him good at what he did.
"It was my pleasure," said Buddy, as the cells in Link's body started to metastasize and his liver began to rot.

Once dispatched to kill a specific foe, the Culexus Assassin attacks using his own innate abilities enhanced by years of training, mental exercises and arcane wargear. He carries no guns or hand-to-hand weapons, for he needs none; the Culexus’ very touch is death, leeching the soul from its victim before shredding it like smoke before a hurricane. Victims are not simply killed, but instead are utterly destroyed, their essence torn apart even as their body is reduced to a scorched shell. A single punch from a Culexus can prove lethal, and if the Assassin is able to take a firm grip of a living foe, their doom is all but assured.
Warhammer 40,000: Dataslate - Officio Assassinorum


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