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Quotes / The Magic Comes Back

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All the barriers are broken; the Outer and Inner Horizon dissolve before the racing fragments of the One, questing for human hosts. This is the last tide of Awakening. At last, on the broken Earth, everyone is a miracle worker.
The Awakened create wonders and destroy monuments. Cities are raised from the dust, then sundered in the birth pangs of power remembers. But the newly Awakened were all Asleep once; most of them remember the humility and compassion of mortal days. The last miracles are not born of fire and water: Progenitors heal shamans who bear wounds from their common war with Marauders; little gods repair Enlightened machines. At night, a red glow lights the world: the purifying fire of Telos' Red Star.
—"Judgement," Mage: The Ascension - Ascension

Whatever the Warlocks may wish, their magic, like all magic, is dead in the world - if it ever existed. Though... one does hear strange whispers of late: Glass candles that have been cold for a hundred years, now burning; ghost grass found far from the Lands of the Shadow; a khalasar led by a woman... with three heads. Traders' nonsense, most likely. But should the Warlocks' vaunted magic ever return... that would be a dangerous day for Qarth. I shall need to keep my eyes on them... indeed.

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