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Symbols are the key to telepathy. The mind wraps its secrets in symbols; when we discover the symbols that shape our enemy's thought, we can penetrate the vault of his mind.
Lady Deirdre Skye - "Our Secret War", Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

"Captain Raynor, I've finished scouting out the area and... You pig!"
'What? I haven't even said anything to you yet!"

Your mind, to me, is an open book: full of big print and lots of pictures!

Secrets? What secrets?

Anderson: Wrong answer?
Dredd: You're the psychic.

Belinda! I can hear your voice in my head! I can hear your very thoughts! ... Ugh. Ew.

Do not be startled, child. My voice is in your mind, not in your ear. Verbal communication is so limited. You will find that telepathy is purity.
Mage: The Ascension - Core Rulebook (1st edition)

To answer your question, no. There is no one else here with me. [beat] Actually, I'm younger than that: 4.79 years old. My name is Jung. I already know yours. Verbal queries are a sloppy redundancy. Thoughts are quicker.

The Mind Gem: no thought shall remain a secret to me. Every mind is mine to open and examine. I can reach out and feel the dreams and aspirations of every living being in the entire universe. They touch me but do not affect me; for I am Thanos, far above such concerns. Billions of fertile minds waiting for me to sew the seeds of my own perceptions and goals. A universe of thralls...
Thanos, The Thanos Quest


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