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The three women surged forward again, wearing grim battle-faces that might have been those of Greeks in the Trojan War.
Before they had covered half the distance, all three felt the pain of searing heat along their bodies.
Power Girl halted, grabbed her two allies, and tossed them to the ground. Then she spread her body over the both of them and stretched her cape to its full extent, shielding them as best she could. "Stay down, you two," she warned.
"We've gotta fight ‘em!" wailed Fury.
"They'd... broil you like a hot dog," grated Kara. "Stay down, and I mean it!"
The three outlaws of Krypton were standing in a circle about Power Girl, sending six beams of heat from their eyes at her caped back. One Kryptonian could cause pain. Two could injure. Three could destroy.
But Hippolyta and Fury lacked the Kryptonian durability to withstand heat vision for a time. Without her protection, both women would soon burn to death.
Kara bit her lip to keep from screaming. The terrible beams seared her back like a grid of white-hot iron. That, despite her protective cape. There was only so much longer she could take it.
Her brain rushed to formulate an escape stratagem before the three of them could die.
But all she could really come up with right then was to lie there and take it.

Robin: Gosh, Batman, the nobility of the almost-human porpoise.
Batman: True, Robin. It was noble of that animal to hurl himself into the path of that final torpedo. He gave his life for ours.

I would die for you would you die with me?
No, you can't deny!
Would you catch the bullet that was meant for me?
Blaze across the sky
Helloween's song, "(The Departed) Sun is Going Down"

''I'll take the shot for you
I'll be the shield for you
Needless to say
I'll stand in your way
I'll take the shot for you
I'll give my life for you"
The Rasmus, "Shot"

Bart: Homer, you took a baptism for me. How do you feel?
Homer: Oh, Bartholomew, I feel like Saint Augustine of Hippo after his conversion by Ambrose of Milan.
Flanders: (astonished) Homer, what did you just say?

Andrew: All you need to know is that in the scheme of things, she is much more valuable to us than you are.
Sam: I take it you're as valuable as ever?
Andrew: Naturally.
Sam: So, if you two are being shot at, which bullet do I take?
Andrew: Well, you must try for both, of course.


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