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~Now, I gotta say, I did a darn good job on him. Probably a good thing I didn't tell Shag and Varx that he only had about a forty percent chance of remaining stable after he came back together, with all the weird scalar/planar energy fields I had to design into him. They just don't have any idea what you have to go through to get a human-sized frame to be able to wield that kind of strength and still walk without creating giant holes or move his arm without blowing down everything in its direction. I still couldn't get it perfect, so he's always gonna make some chaos if he's not careful, but jeez, I was brilliant, converting most of that kinetic energy right back into raw Field energy before it even got past his skin.~

Katherine sighed. There are so many of us now, she thought. In the beginning it was a simple thing. The Family was smaller. Things were clearer. Often there *was* only one to fill the role of The Superman. The direct line of descent from the Prime Superman, Kal-El I, was intermingled time and time again with human and Amazonian genes, of necessity. The powers did not always breed true. A few, a very few, had them in full measure. Many showed no trace of them at all. Her "cousin" Jor Danv, for example.
Or her brother Zor. Poor crippled, embittered Zor. Uncle Nim, the Family physiotech, had explained the tragedy quite simply. "He's inherited the superstrength of his forbears," he told Zor's grieving parents, "but not the invulnerability to use it safely." The first time Zor had tried left him paralyzed from the neck down as his bones shattered and his muscles tore.

Storm: Hmm. Angel, my weather powers protect me from the chill, Colossus is immune to extreme temperatures while armored, and Iceman is, well, Iceman. How are you doing?
Angel: I'm very cold, thank you for asking!

Trying to burn a fire mage is a lot like trying to drown a fish – they can survive unbelievably high temperatures and there have been confirmed reports of fire mages walking through bonfires, furnaces, and even lava.

Cillian: Where are we?
Edrin Walker: The beach near Pauper's Docks. We, uh, got washed out into the sea. You weren't breathing. I thought...
Cillian: I am a powerful hydromancer, you fool. You think I can drown? That a councillor of the Inner Circle is so weak amidst her own element? All of us with sufficient power have our own adaptations.
The Traitor God, by Cameron Johnston

Queen Maeve: Lift the plane up!
Homelander: Lift the plane? How?! Th-There's nothing to stand on, it's fucking air...
Queen Maeve: I don't know! Fly at it! Ram it straight!
Homelander: No, that kinda speed...either the plane goes ass over tit, or I'll punch straight through the hull, or...


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