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Many of the scripted jokes are your most predictable set ups for lame punchlines. For example, the gruff security officer somehow sees A Chorus Line which makes him gay. Not just gay, but Village People gay with a limp wrist and stereotype voice. You see, because he was so macho you wouldn’t expect that he…*sigh* Where’s the booze?

It is easy to find fault with this story. This does not, however, make it any less worth doing. First and most simply is, of course, Susan, the trans mare. This marks the second time Toby Whithouse has completely fucked up trans representation (the first being his gobsmackingly transphobic bit of dialogue for Jack in "Greeks Bearing Gifts" over on Torchwood)...One might argue that the intent was good, although I think you run aground pretty quickly when you realize that thus far all trans representation on Doctor Who has been for the purpose of jokes, which is actually pretty much the opposite of good intentions no matter how much you state it.

That’s some tired “Open Mike Night” down at the Laff Hut shit for a multimillionaire hosting an awards show. Earn your money, Wanda...He also made a joke about how he was busting Bruce Jenner’s balls while he still had them. Fist Brown thought it was hilarious, sitting in the audience all tattooed and purple-haired, looking like Grimace’s girlfriend’s partial abortion. Remain seated, Fist.
J. Harvey, "Jamie Foxx Came For Bruce Jenner"


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