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Here. Just try to reach it. Or potty dance, if you can't.
Shin Mi-rae, holding the toilet key out of reach of Min Joo-hwa as she squirms in The City Hall. Despite her performance, she doesn't make it.

"I know when it's Potty Time 'cause I'm wiggling from side to side."
Miss Elaina, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, "Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty"

"Hold it in, do a dance, that's the way to keep dry pants."
Andy Larkin, What's with Andy?, "Busting"

"You know I do this crazy dance, or else I'm gonna wet my pants."
Parody of "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid (1989)

"Honestly, Cinnamon's out here doing the potty dance every single morning."
Maple, Nekopara 2020 (Episode 1)

Mike: Okay, all we have to do is get rid of that thing. So, wait here while I get its card key.
Sulley: But she can't stay here. This is the men's room...
Mike: (beat) That is the weirdest thing you have ever said. It's fine, it's okay! Look, it loves it here! It's dancing with joy!
(he gestures to Boo, who is anxiously hopping and grunting)
Mike: I'll be right back with its door key. (leaves the locker room)
Sulley: (chuckles) That's a cute little dance you've got. It almost looks like you gotta...
Boo: (squeals desperately)
Sulley: ...Oh!
(cut to Sulley waiting outside a stall while Boo goes)


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