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Analysis / Potty Dance

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It varies a bit, but common signs of the potty dance — sitting, lying down, or standing — include:

  • Putting one's hands on one's genitals, or grabbing the clothes near them (especially if the person in question is wearing a skirt). Looks different from A Date with Rosie Palms as they are not usually acting lusty or enjoying it. People may also do this if they are the victims of (or seen someone receive) a Groin Attack. Justified, since this may prevent pee from flowing out and thus prevent Potty Failure.
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  • Moaning, whimpering, and/or stammering. However, by itself, this is not a potty dance and likely just means they are nervous.
  • Pursed lips or clenching teeth. Ditto.
  • Teary eyes (can also mean they are sad, very happy, or just have something in their eyes).
  • Bending down a bit, especially forward.
  • Acting distracted. Obviously doesn't apply if they already have Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!. The reason for this in Real Life is because they are distracted by the Potty Emergency.
  • Swaying one's hips. However some people do this with regular dancing, so watch out for other signs, too.
  • Putting one's feet apart and knees together, or just crossing the legs.
  • Jumping from foot to foot or up and down, however more cowardly characters might do that when they are just worried, and more goofy/happy characters might do that because they are happy.
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  • Worried or overly serious expression (which may also include squeezing eyes shut). Could also be a sign of anxiety.
  • Turning red in the face, which is also a sign of anxiety, embarrassment, or fever.
  • Sweating (Ditto).
  • Inability to be still; fidgeting, bouncing, and/or shaking.
  • Erratic walking pattern(s).


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