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Even the triumphant issue of his labours could not save him from reaction after so terrible an exertion, and at a time when Europe was ringing with his name and when his room was literally ankle-deep with congratulatory telegrams I found him a prey to the blackest depression. Even the knowledge that he had succeeded where the police of three countries had failed, and that he had outmanoeuvred at every point the most accomplished swindler in Europe, was insufficient to rouse him from his nervous prostration.
Sherlock Holmes, The Reigate Puzzle

The Cimmerian stood upright, trailing his sword, a sudden sick weariness assailing him. The glare of the sun on the snow cut his eyes like a knife and the sky seemed shrunken and strangely apart. He turned away from the trampled expanse where yellow-bearded warriors lay locked with red-haired slayers in the embrace of death. A few steps he took, and the glare of the snow fields was suddenly dimmed. A rushing wave of blindness engulfed him and he sank down into the snow, supporting himself on one mailed arm, seeking to shake the blindness out of his eyes as a lion might shake his mane.
Conan the Barbarian, Gods Of The North

"Okay," said Power Girl. "I think we can power down right now."
"Kara," said Diana. "Let me—"
That was the last thing Power Girl heard before, exhausted, she hit the ground.

Tucker: You've been asleep for four days.
Danny: Four days?!
Tucker: Nah, it's only been a couple hours.

A two-person meteor fell from the sky and slammed into the ground with the impact of a moderate California earthquake. It would have taken a sharp eye indeed to see the effect of a wooden stake coming up through the back of the Zoner who contacted the ground first, penetrating his heart, causing his eyes to widen to an incredible degree and his mouth to open for a curse and a shout of pain, neither of which he could manage to render.
Within an instant, Zol-Am turned to dust.
Supergirl lay there on her hands and knees, panting, the stake below her just abutting her blue-clad stomach. She put out a hand and knocked it flat. Then she collapsed, getting her face in the dirt that had been Zol-Am a few seconds ago.

Gil: I feel... strange. I didn't think I had been hit that badly.
Jenka: Oh, you prob'ly izn't hit too bad.
Gil: But—
Jenka: Iz dis de first time hyu faced down an entire army all by hyuself vit a veapon hyu vasn't sure vos gonna vork?
Gil: Well, yes...
Jenka: Vell den. Dat's just hyu body bein' all suprized hyu ain't all blowed up and dead! Next time, hyu von't even blink!
Gil: Next... I really think I have to lie down now.

Supergirl, bone-weary, fell out of whatever had been sucking her through its interior and tumbled into solid reality. Rocky ground, sand, a blue sky, ahhh, that was nice, that was very nice indeed. She lay on the ground and was very glad that there was ground to lay on.

Brandon silenced the man with a headshot. Once his body fell, Brandon screamed and fired the gun again.
"Shut up!" he wailed, riddling the corpse with bullets. Once he discovered that pulling the trigger resulted in a click instead of a gunshot, he threw the gun at the bloody body.
Standing still with his whole body trembling, he murmured, "No, I'm never a false friend." Soon, his breathing grew heavy as tears escaped from his eye. "I have a family to protect." He then collapsed.

Krillin: So, buddy, you beat your first bad guy! How's it feel? [beat] Gohan?
Gohan: [lying face-up in the dirt] If anyone's there... my autonomic nervous system shut down all non-critical bodily functions. I cannot move, hear, or see. On a related note... I really, really need to use the bathroom...

Ash: (calls lightning to himself and redirects it, taking out an entire flock of Spearow) Damn. I, uh, I think I may need medical attention... (collapses)
Pokemon: Orange in the Engie Main Multiverse


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