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"Shut up! You don’t understand a damn thing about me! So, what if I’m jealous? Do you really think I would hurt Orihime over a stupid reason like that? Yeah, I do find myself wondering where do I belong inside her heart? Is there even a place for me? And sure, there was a part of me wishing she never met Ichigo, imagining what it would be like if she never even knew his name. Lately, my mind has been plagued by thoughts about her and Ichigo...and about me. Seeing her with another man drives me mad, almost to the point of insanity. It hurts. When it comes between Orihime and Ichigo, where am I in the picture? I agonized over it so much inside me, my heart was beginning to burst. A burning, nauseating feeling in the pit of my stomach began to stir up. It’s unbearable and too devastating to watch or to even think about. My chest tightens so much it becomes hard to breath sometimes. In that illusion back there, the one you say that brings out our heart’s innermost darkest and despairing fears, when I saw her and Ichigo together, the only thing my mind could think of was that ‘Orihime has been taken away from me’. When it comes to Ichigo, there’s no place for me. I realized, at that moment, what that pain in my heart meant. ...I’m jealous. But it wasn’t any ordinary jealousy. This one stung at the core of my being like a white hot vice unwilling to let go. I’m jealous of the bond her and Ichigo share. It hurts so much! And I don’t know if this pain would ever go away. Seeing her with someone else… I don’t want it. I don't want her with anyone else! Hehe. Maybe I am just hurt and petty and bitter like you said. Guess, men are just naturally possessive. Or it could be just me. Yes, it hurts. It hurts seeing them together like that. Even if it was just my fears playing with my mind. But what hurts more is the thought of doing anything to make Orihime cry. So let me fucking tell you something, you bitch! If you ever lay a finger on Orihime, I will obliterate you! I will protect her! That’s a promise!"

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