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Harmony: My hands are tied, and I am bounded.
Wax: Who ties God's hands?
Harmony: I tied them myself.

Harmony: What is it to be God, Waxillium?
Wax: I don't think that’s a question I can answer.
Harmony: It is not one I ever thought I'd have to answer either. But obviously, it has been forced upon me. You would have me intervene and stop the murders of innocents. I could do this. I have considered it. If I were to stop every one, what then? Do I stop maimings as well?
Wax: Of course.
Harmony: And where do I hold back, Waxillium? Do I prevent all wounds, or do I prevent only those caused by evil people? Do I stop a man from falling asleep so that he will not tip a candle and burn down his house? Do I stop all harm that could ever befall a person?
Wax: Maybe.
Harmony: And once nobody is ever hurt, will people be satisfied? Will they not pray to me and ask for more? Will some people still curse and spit at the sound of my name because they are poor, while another is rich? Should I mitigate this, make everyone the same, Waxillium?
Wax: I won't be caught in this trap. You're the God, not me. You can find a line where You prevent the worst. You can find a line where You're stopping the worst that is reasonable, while still letting us live our lives.
Harmony: Perhaps I have already done just as you suggest. You do not see it, because the worst never reaches you.

Enna Kros: I can't do everything for you now.
Reynn: Everything? But you've barely done anything!
Enna Kros: Besides, every world has its own rules. Like water dousing fire, or light banishing darkness.
Lann: Uhh, I think that's just called "science?"
Enna Kros: Well, I design mine to be so completely unbreakable that even I can't undo them.
Lann: Undo what?
Enna Kros: The rules.

[Rason, Kurumu, and Gabriel have come to Heaven, pleading with the Elder for help in saving the disembodied souls of Arial and Complica, who are unable to cross the Heavenly barrier and get back into Heaven]
Kurumu: So the Almighty knows about this? What's he going to do to fix it, then?
Elder: Nothing.
All three: Nothing?!
Rason: What do you mean nothing? Elder, two children are trapped on the other side of the barrier! How could the Almighty say he won't do anything about it?!
Elder: Because the Almighty can't do anything about it. The laws of Heaven and the barrier are absolute, and cannot be changed even for a single circumstance. No soul can pass through the barrier, that's how it's supposed to be and stay. The Almighty cannot break the rules of Heaven himself. That's just not possible.

Thor: Look, whatever solution you think up that involves me fixing it for you—I guarantee you there's a bunch of dumb god laws tying my hands, okay?
Odin: We wrote them that way on purpose! There are fewer Good gods than Not-Good gods, you know. If everyone could play in the sandbox all the time, there wouldn't be a lot of sandcastles left unkicked!

Harry Dresden: Is there some law of the universe that compels you to be so freaking mysterious?
Archangel Uriel: Several, actually. All designed for your protection.

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