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Quotes / Cast Full of Gay

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Amber: I can't believe I'm the only straight person I know!
Ethan: I wish you'd stop shoving your lifestyle in our faces.

Stacy: Is anyone straight in this city?
Amber: Nope, it's just me and Mike.
Stacy: Well, no wonder.
Shortpacked!, "Anyone"

Kate Bishop: Wait— Hold up! Am I the only person on the team who's straight?
America Chavez: Princess. I've seen the way you look at me...You're not that straight.

"Assume my characters are gay until proven otherwise."

Justin: You can't just assume [Luke]'s gay.
Grace: I'm not. He could be bisexual. And you're assuming he's not.
Justin: Well, yeah. Somewhere around ninety percent of people are heterosexual.
Grace: [counts on her fingers] That can't possibly be right.


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