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Jotaro: You're damn irritating! ORA ORA!
(Star Platinum pummels Rubber Soul.)
Rubber Soul: Euehhhhh! Ha! Yellow Temperance!
(Yellow Temperance blocks Star Platinum's punch.)
Jotaro: What?!
Rubber Soul: My ability is to release a bunch of jelly or jam or slime or something all out over my body, and that can be stuck on my opponent. I can turn myself into rubber, too. It's pretty damn awesome. This Handsome power, and my Temperance is stuck on you temporarily.
(A piece of Yellow Temperance is stuck on Jotaro's hand.)
Jotaro: Uweh! What is this, nasty?! I'll wash it off!
(Jotaro tries washing his hands, but that fails.)
Jotaro: It won't come off. Then...I'll burn it off!
(Jotaro lights a cigarette lighter and tries burning the Yellow Temperance piece off, but that fails, causing Jotaro pain.)
Jotaro: No good... What can I do? I'll eat it off!
(Jotaro tries eating the Yellow Temperance piece, which causes him to lie on the ground in agony.)
Jotaro: It's gross.

Tub of Flesh is a liquefied Nosferatu vampire. Its body consists of ropy strands of moist, purple-black meat. This writhing mass of flesh continuously bubbles and oozes, occasionally taking near-human form before falling into its usual protean mass. Dozens of blinking eyes stare out from the roiling mass. Multiple fanged mouths also gape from the morass, emitting plaintive wails and ominous hissing.

The week after the mass-suicide of the Setites, the Tzimisce Antediluvian reclaims its mile-long body beneath Manhattan. Tendrils of undead flesh dig into the masonry walls erected by the Nosferatu and tear them apart, as tree roots crack stone. Geysers of undead flesh roar through the tunnels and erupt across the length and breadth of Manhattan Island. A thousand tentacles tipped with fanged maws snatch at mortals and Kindred alike and drink them dry in seconds. Creatures of nightmare - ever-shifting compounds of snake and insect, octopus, bat, wolf and man - bud from the masses of flesh and return bloated with Kindred vitae. Roots and tendrils twine up skyscrapers and pull them apart, then wriggle through the wreckage to suck the blood of the dying. Many mortals are simply absorbed outright, dissolving into the roiling flesh. Almost everyone in Manhattan dies in a single night.

"Congratulations, it's a blob." I was born with full-blown mutant powers - an eight-pound lump of white goo that cried like a baby and flowed like mercury.
Morph, Exiles #80: World Tour - Future Imperfect Part 2

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