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"At least one of our xenogeologists quit in a rage when research started on this region. Instead of having conventional polar ice caps, and in violation of all physical laws we know of, the continental plates of Hoxxes rest on top of a planetwide permafrost layer several miles deep. As always, DRG recommends a "don't ask" approach when dealing with the peculiarities of Hoxxes' makeup."

"England? Dunno where that is, but at least you speak English."

Marge: It took the class a half an hour just to locate Canada on the map!
Homer: Oh anyone can miss Canada, a little country way down there.

Calvin: Hmm... If I remember my atlas, we live in a big, purple country.
Hobbes: And our house is by the giant E in the word "States".

"I like them black, white, Puerto Rican, or Haitian Like Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian!"
Chingy, Balla Baby

Sam: Well, here we are in the Philippines.
Max: Drawn without reference material, apparently.

It was Easter Morning in the town that Calvin and Hobbes live in.
Is it Easter Morning where you are?
Probably not, but go ahead and watch the show anyway.
Calvin and Hobbes: The Series, "Eggs for Calvin!"

Father: Will you look at that snow? Never got that in California.
Rowdy: (frowns, cues a picture of a snowy landscape captioned "Fresno, California") That's Hollywood for you, thinking that California doesn't go any farther north than Bakersfield.

Bugs: Why are you coming?
Daffy: Well, it's not every day a person gets to see the Grand Canyon?
Bugs: This is Central Park!
Daffy: I thought that was in Michigan.


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