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Welcome to the podcast.
Please Stop Talking, also known as the PST Podcast, is an online comedy podcast that started on June 17th 2017, when the first episode (later renamed Episode 0) was uploaded to the second channel of youtuber Shammy, named Second Shammy. The channel has since become a dedicated channel for the podcast, along with other videos or announcements related to it. The podcast is currently in its 3rd season, with each season lasting one year.

Each episode involves 4 cast members from a rotating group of 7 main members and various special guests sharing stories, answering questions, and attempting to find some way to fill an hour of air time, often to hilarious effect. The seven main podcast members are:

  • Shammy (Avery), a video game reviewer and host of the show, who introduces each episode and attempts to keep things on track.
  • SirMeowMusic (David), a Canadian musician who works as Avery's audio engineer and the main producer for the podcast.
  • SirZulu (Kyle), an old friend of Avery who studies psychology.
  • SuperSneakSheap (Cameron), a fan of Shammy from New Zealand who became Avery's friend after insulting him online.
  • Brendanial (Brendan), a youtuber who was originally a Special Guest to the podcast in season 1, then joined the main cast in season 2.
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  • MandaloreGaming (Mandy), a video game reviewer who was also a Special Guest in season 1 and joined the cast in season 2.
  • PunkDuck (Ed), a (formerly) Smite-focused gaming youtuber who joined the main cast in season 2.

Please Stop Talking contains examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: In Episode 18: Ceiling Burgers, Brendan tells stories of horrible things he did when he was younger, and Avery implies that its likely due to Brendan's upbringing. When Kyle asks what he means, Brendan begins talking about his physically and verbally abusive father and the physiological effects that abuse had on him as a child.
  • *Bleep*-dammit!: David often attempts to censor certain words or names, but either doesn't censor them completely or forgets to censor every instance, making it obvious what is being censored. This can be found in:
    • Episode 3, Inquires and Replies: Towards the end of the episode, Kyle says a word that is censored out. David complains about the word, causing Kyle and Cameron to continue saying it. Most of the instances of the word aren't entirely bleeped, making it obvious the word being censored is Cunt.
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  • Bratty Teenage Daughter: In Episode 25: Oh No, David tells a story about a female friend of his who got super attached to her boyfriend, and demanded he spend time with her. This culminated in her screaming "I'm your mom now!" after finding out his mother had cancer.
  • "Cavemen vs. Astronauts" Debate: In Episode 3: Inquires and Replies, Avery, David, Kyle, and Cameron are asked who would win in a fight - a gun with a sword or a sword with a gun. Avery and Kyle are sure the sword with a gun would win, while David and Cameron think the gun with a sword would. Everybody gets unnecessarily heated over the debate and a consensus is never reached. Later in that same episode, a question asks what unnecessarily strong opinions everyone has, prompting Avery to start arguing over whether or not "Y'all" is a proper contraction and whether Fahrenheit or Celsius is a better measure of temperature. These arguments both end when everyone gets tired of Avery and reluctantly agree with him.
  • Change the Uncomfortable Subject: In Episode 25: Oh No, David tells a story that likely ends with the death of someone's terminally ill mother. Everybody is clearly uncomfortable but nobody knows how to transition to a different conversation, despite desperately searching for one. The conversation finally changes when David says he has another story:
    Avery: Take us out of here David, please.
  • Hair of the Dog: According to Avery, Mandy's way of "dealing" with hangovers is to leave plastic water bottles around the house for when you wake up, but they're actually filled with vodka (which in terms of visuals and smell is indistinguishable from water) so that when him and Avery started stumbling around looking for water, they would end up drinking the first liquids they'd find and get drunk again.
  • Moody Mount: In Episode 10: The THOD, Mandy tells a story about a horse he once rode when he was thirteen. The horse (appropriately named "Loco") was perfectly fine at first... right until a butterly flew past it, which caused Loco to panic and bolt as fast as he could with Mandy still on, until it finally stopped in the middle of nowhere and laid down screaming. Another horse, from a place Mandy worked at, had an unfortunate habit of luring birds to its stable and crushing them with its hooves.
  • Near-Death Experience: In Episode 39: Fear and Loathing in DFW, Avery discusses how he and Mandy nearly asphyxiated themselves after Mandy put vodka through his air filter and then forgot he did it.
  • Noodle Incident: In Episode 3: Inquires and Replies, Cameron alludes to a story of something, implied to be illegal, that he had done which was so terrible that he can't tell the story on the podcast. This story is referenced multiple times in various episodes. It was later promised that the story will eventually be shared when the channel reaches 50k subscribers.
  • Running Gag: A couple.
    • "I'm glad you asked."
    • The Void.note 
  • Self Botched Catchphrase: Avery begins every episode with the catchphrase "I'm your host Avery, but you might know me better as Shammy". He usually messes this phrase up however, by accidentally mixing up "Shammy" and "Avery". This happens often enough that it has become a running joke.
  • Special Guest: The Podcast occasionally brings on other youtubers or friends of the main members as special guests. Season 1 guests have since become regular cast members, with season 2 guests being KrealTube and The Void.
  • The Trickster: Mandy. Often at the expense of Avery...and sometimes himself, as well.

David, cut that out.

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