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Nightmare Fuel / Uncle Grandpa

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  • The demon poster seen in "Belly Brothers" (when UG says "I like trains!") can make you do a double take when it's seen.
  • The manner in which Uncle Grandpa (in truth, "Emperor Krell" Uncle Grandpa's Identical Stranger headwise) gets the boy to stop acting high-and-mighty, which is by having the boy repeatedly make him a sandwich and then breathe fire on it.
    • Not to mention Krell turning the kid into a grotesque purple monster with a butter knife for a hand.
  • The giant funny face that follows Uncle Grandpa and his friends around is actually very creepy. Even more so when it gets angry.
  • Near the end of "Drivers Test", the psychotic baby that's been chasing the RV the whole episode is revealed to be the driving instructor's son. Cue a very frightening close-up from both of them complete with demonic expressions and razor sharp fangs.
  • The whole concept in the episode Halloween special "Afraid of the Dark" is supposed to be Nightmare Fuel in itself. On the other hand, it also has some Nightmare Retardant thrown in for good measure to keep it somewhat kid friendly.
    • On the other hand, both UG and the kid turn themselves into some serious Body Horror in the process.
    • "New Experiences with Berry Nice and Hot Dog Person". Hot Dog Person is encouraged to climb a "tree" and ends up being eaten by birds. What does Beary Nice do? Simply smile and call it a "new experience". There is something wrong with that bear!
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    • The "Haircut" segment is even worse. HDP, who even points out he has no hair, yells in pain all through the segment as his living flesh gets slowly sculpted and carved away by a sadistic barber. Beary Nice stands there admiring his new 'do as gobbets of flying hot dog skin splatter onto him. At the end HDP is nothing more than an empty bun and a set of floating eyeballs.
    • The following is straight up vore. On a kid's cartoon. The two are in a fancy French restaurant. Beary Nice orders for the pair. The waiter returns with a nice looking steak with vegetables for Beary Nice, and a large hot dog... for Hot Dog Person. It's his own bottom half, which Beary Nice 'kindly' helps him to eat. But wait, it gets worse. Other customers look over and say "I'll have what he's having." "Me too!" They end up eating Hot Dog Person until he is nothing more than eyes and a mouth with scraps of hot dog around them. He asks for a doggy bag.
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  • The first time you hear the titular "Mystery Noise" in the episode of the same name. A close second would be Pizza Steve's Gross-Up Close-Up moments as well.
  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger's angry expression throughout the "Good Morning News!" segment of the episode "Shorts" can be pretty disturbing, especially since it appears as if she's looking directly at the viewer.
  • A Show Within a Show Uncle Grandpa likes watching involves these two high school girls giggling after meeting a jock with exaggerated muscles and hair. Their giggling soon turns into insane laughter as their heads melt, leaving only their skulls, and then they turn into demons with fanged mouths for torsos.
  • There's something a bit disturbing about Aunt Grandma viewing Uncle Grandpa causing her to get second place in a science fair as grounds to ruin his career.
  • In "Grounded", Uncle Grandpa temporarily sends Riley to Hell (or at least some place filled with fire and monsters where people spend eternity) in order to teach him to not sneak out when he's grounded.
  • In "Tiger and Mouse", Giant Realistic Flying Tiger's new "friend" makes herself comfortable with Pizza Steve.
  • In the episode "Prank Wars", when Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa his prank, which involves sending Pizza Steve to a Pizza-eating contest, Uncle Grandpa makes an incredibly disturbing face which appears out of nowhere.
  • In "Duck Lips", at the very end, Josie tells Uncle Grandpa the whole duck lip incident has turned her life into a complete nightmare, and, as she does so, her face suddenly becomes a wrinkled, hyper-detailed, goblin-like monstrosity with an unnaturally long neck and her voice goes from feminine to a rather raspy, demonic one. What's worse, it comes up rather suddenly and can catch you off guard.
  • Everything involving Tony.
  • The scene with Timmy in Christmas Special. Uncle Grandpa making a face that traumatizes him and the doll with its face melting off.
  • Uncle Grandpa tears a cat's head off right in front of its owner. Okay, it was a clever robot lookalike Aunt Grandma had palmed off on the boy, but it can still give the viewer a chill, especially with the close up of "Pickles"' face afterward as the 'bot "dies".
  • Uncle Grandpa's stone-cold disposal of the leprechaun at the end of "The Lepre-Con".
  • The face Beary Nice makes in "Pal.0", which is not only unsettling but seems to confirm the long-standing theory that Beary Nice is a sadistic monster who enjoys watching Hot Dog Person suffer.
  • The horrific state of Uncle Grandpa & friends after deciding to stop eating vegetables in "Except for Cooper". Body Horror at its finest.