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Nightmare Fuel / Victor and Valentino

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  • The titular "Suerte" has characters that come to life and make other people take their place whenever someone cheats at the game. It happens to Victor, and it nearly happens to Valentino when El Colorado chases him around the house and corners him.
    El Colorado: Pobrecito. You pay the price for your brother's lie!
  • The Collector. Seriously, don't watch this episode if you're afraid of dolls.
  • The black cadejo in "Los Cadejos", which brainwashes Victor to attempt to get him to kill himself. Not only does the thing have a severe case of Red Eyes, Take Warning, but when it's found out by Valentino and a white cadejo trying to save them, it suddenly undergoes an extreme case of Body Horror worth of the Squick entry below by having parts of its flesh rot away to show bone beneath, as maggots just fall by the bucketload out of its body.
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  • The tree that turns Victor into a sapling and assimilates all his and Val's friends to the latter's tree house. All this happened because Victor took one of the tree's branches and made it into a hat rack.
  • El Silbon, a gaunt, undead looking figure that uses whistles to remove victim's skeletons as casually as removing a coat from something, leaving them as still living heaps of flesh

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