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Nightmare Fuel / The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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  • Tuco mentally torturing a dehydrated Blondie in a sunny desert. It's easily the character's most cruel moment. It makes Blondie finally gaining the upper hand by finding out the name on the grave that much more awesome.
  • Angel Eyes himself, full stop.
  • Stevens helplessly watching his assassin walk right into his room, eat his food, and look at a picture of his wife and kids.
    Angel Eyes: (with a mild Slasher Smile) Nice family.
  • The final showdown has the most awesomely chilling buildup. The scary part is we're worried about Tuco and we aren't sure he's going to make it. The look on his face is one of pure terror.
  • Tuco's third near-hanging. Blondie forces him into a rope after the shootout and ties his hands, before riding away with half the gold, leaving him with the other half of the gold and certain death upon him. Blondie gradually gets further and further away until we can't see him at all. And every time Tuco cries "Blondie!", he almost loses his footing on the cross he's standing on. We also get an inversion of a Hope Spot as Blondie appears again, but we think he's going to shoot Tuco instead of the rope around his neck.
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  • Blondie's Tranquil Fury after the shootout is enough to make anyone cower in their seat.

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