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Nightmare Fuel / The Good Son

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"Poor Mr. Highway. He's thinking about the end. He's had enough of this terrible life."
  • One scene before the finale. Henry threatened to kill Susan, so Mark, naturally pissed off threatens him with a pair of scissors. Wallace catches him and locks him in the study while he gets Dr. Davenport. All hope seems lost until Susan shows up. While Mark doesn't know that Susan finally figured out what Henry did, he's happy to see her nonetheless, and calls out her name. But she can't hear him through the window he's yelling at. To make matters worse, Henry meets her halfway to the house. Knowing that Henry is planning to kill her, his screams for her name turn into screams of terror trying to get her attention... while she and Henry go for a walk in the woods.
  • Pretty much everything Henry does really, from shoving his sister into thin ice to pushing his mother off a cliff.


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