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Fridge / The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Fridge Brilliance

  • While the Mexican Stand Off seems to have an uncertain issue at the first viewing, in an incredibly subtle instance of Show, Don't Tell, Leone is actually showing the public how it's going to end: at first Tuco hesitates between Angel Eyes and Blondie, frantically switching his sight between the two, though it is foreshadowed by a scene that Tuco is more inclined to kill Angel Eyes, while Angel Eyes quickly asserts that Blondie is the most dangerous of the two, and stares at him. Meanwhile Blondie looks at Tuco and without exchanging a single world, with only a single nod from Blondie, they agree to both shoot Angel Eyes. They lure the latter into a trap, only staring at each others to have him drop his guard, Angel Eyes thinking he has an opening against Blondie sneaks his hand to his revolver and tries to shoot him, having checked that Tuco wasn't looking either, but Blondie reacts faster and kills Angel Eyes, while Tuco tries to shoot too, only discovering that his gun was emptied beforehand by Blondie.
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  • Angel Eyes is, in no uncertain terms, a right bastard and a cold-blooded killer. Yet even he seems moved by the conditions that he finds a group of soldiers suffering and near starvation. Angel Eyes has no problems with death or killing, but when he does it, there is some purpose to it, however sadistic or mercenary it might be. He views the soldiers' situation as senseless suffering. Which of course, doesn't mean he isn't willing to contribute to the suffering of the soldiers if it serves his purposes, as we see later at the prison camp. In contrast, Tuco and Blondie both act rather more consistently to ease the suffering of the soldiers when they can, though it admittedly furthers their own purposes as well to do so.

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