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Nightmare Fuel / Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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With devastating natural disasters, deadly jungle cats, treacherous tombs and human sacrifice, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is one of the most brutal and frightening Tomb Raider outings to date.

  • The tsunami that destroys Cozumel. Lara is swept along helplessly by the currents, at one point getting sucked underwater by collapsing rubble before she has to swim through a flooded store, filled with the drowned corpses of people who couldn't get to safety in time. Lara nearly drowns herself while trying to bust open a truck's window getting back to the surface, and when she's trying to get to higher ground, she sees a boy dangling from a window, crying out for his mother... And no matter how fast you are, you can't save him. The sequence is capped off by Lara just falling to her knees and watching the disaster she unleashed consume the town, because no matter what Jonah says, she knows this is her fault.
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  • Crawling through the corpses of freshly dismembered sacrifices in Amaru's temple, with audible squishing sounds. The entire temple and the human sacrifices contained within are either nausea-inducing, terrifying, or both.
  • When Lara dives underwater to snap off a piece of plane propeller that she can use as a machete, a moray eel swims out of nowhere, coils around her, and starts biting her wrist. Luckily, she's able to kill it and escape, but it won't be the last time Lara is attacked by morays.
  • The flashback to Lara's childhood achieves this through the combination of Primal Fear and Adult Fear: young Lara blithely climbs across the manor's rooftops with no supervision or safety equipment, and suffers a close call when part of the guttering collapses. It's terrifying because it's such a plausible scenario. If she were to fall, it's likely no one would come to help anytime soon since the only other person on the premises is her father, who think she's in her room (even assuming he wasn't about to be assassinated. However, there is Nightmare Retardant on this scene since it's a flashback, and so logically Lara must survive.
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  • The jaguars in the beginning of the game, with their unnaturally bright eyes, excellent stealth, and tendency to show up right out of nowhere to maul Lara.
  • In the Porvenir Oil Field, Lara's look of unbridled rage as she rises out of the water and begins to lay holy hell to Trinity, believing they killed Jonah.
  • The mudslide avalanche in San Juan, it's a reprise of the Tsunami, only this time it's on a place that's already been severely damaged by an earthquake.
  • One of the crypts has a long hallway where one wall is lined with stone statues staring at the other wall. Considering the rest of the crypt is an unadorned cave, it's so unexpected and out-of-place that it becomes downright eerie, especially since it doesn't actually mean anything.
  • One of the early game challenge tombs is this. You are making your way through it, finding bodies strewn with arrows, and for some reason as you are passing though, a nightmarish not-quite-human scream tears through the air. You keep expecting something to come at you, but apart from a few crumbling traps falling at you (although Lara's dialogue indicates there is possibly someone doing this on purpose the game never tells you) nothing actually happens, a good example of tension combined with Nothing Is Scarier.


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