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Nightmare Fuel / SeaWorld

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"Leaving so soon? I think not..."

  • The sea witch in the Journey to Atlantis ride (pictured right). At first she appears as a beautiful mermaid/siren, but not too long after reveals her true self and attempts to attack you as well as sink the boat you're in.
  • If you're not very comfortable with sharks, you'll be pleased to know that there's an attraction where you can walk through a tunnel-like tank, with all kinds of sharks surrounding you.
  • For some, the Manta roller coaster qualifies as this. Mostly with how it restrains its riders in the prone position, meaning you're laying face down the whole time on a high speed roller coaster that has multiple inversions and reaches heights of 140 ft.
    • Ironically, the fact that you are lying prone (horizontally) instead of sitting up (vertically) means that despite the inversions and the drops, the actual effects of gravity on your body are lessened. Meaning that while, visually, this is still a wild ride, you feel a much milder ride than you think you're having.
  • Plus there's the Kraken roller coaster, which has drops as long as 144 ft and goes well over 60 mph in speed. Not to mention the fact that the ride is somewhat based off of the terrifying sea monster of the same name.
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  • All orca incidents up to 2013 are under Blackfish's page.

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