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  • The controversy behind it all aside, there's no denying that it's pretty mesmerizing seeing the orcas whales in action at the Shamu show.
  • Blue Horizons manages to be quite the grand experience, containing acrobatics, diverse costuming, performing dolphins, and fantastic music to boot.
  • Journey to Atlantis definitely deserves a mention for mixing together a roller coaster with a water flume and creating an experience unlike anything you'll usually see in the park.
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  • Although the reviews of the ride itself have not been so great, Antarctica contains some of the best theming the park has ever done.
  • Since its opening in 2009, Manta has become a strong darkhorse when it comes to SeaWorld's rides. Not only do people find the ride to be a total blast, but the also admire the detail put into it, especially with its queue line going through a large aquarium.

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