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Nightmare Fuel / Scream Queens (2015)

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1x01: "Pilot"

  • Melanie Dorcas's fate: spray-tanned with hydrochloric acid. It takes a moment to set in, which means by the time her skin is sloughing off, she's already covered in it.
  • Ms. Bean getting dunked in the fryer. Even after she gets out she rips her face off in pain before dying.
  • All the pledges helplessly trapped with only their heads above ground as the Red Devil drives around them with a lawn mower.
    • The death of pledge member 'Deaf Taylor Swift'. Unable to hear the lawn mower, she is unaware of the danger until seconds before Red Devil shakes her head off.
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  • Even worse? All the deaths via hazing are based on Real Life hazing incidents: (for the first two) a female chef really was burnt via chlorine gas when some sorority girls tried to pump it into the dining hall to make pledges think the place was haunted and scare them off, but for some reason it all redirected to the kitchens; a boy was killed during class initiation at an unknown high school in Lima, Ohio when he was buried up to the neck, however his head was cut off by a snowdrift instead of a lawnmower. Whether the creators knew, or are just the Red Devil incarnate, is also unknown.

1x04: "Haunted House"

1x07: "Beware of Young Girls"

  • As of episode 11 there's absolutely no one involved with the main plot who has any motivation to investigate the death of Professor Munsch. It seems that Feather will live out her life as a convicted murderer.

1x08: "Mommie Dearest"

  • Jennifer's fate - being turned into a candelabra. If the others didn't find her in time, who's to say her body wouldn't be set on fire?

1x12: "Dorkus"

  • After being stabbed in the eye with a stiletto, Hester wakes up from her fainting and opens both of her eyes and the stabbed one makes a weird noise, while the stiletto still being in it.

1x13: "The Final Girl(s)"

2x01: "Scream Again"

  • Brock's flashback about losing his hands is playing with the viewers as the scene was slowed but they knew what would happen. A bloody mess along with the doctor's yelling.

2x06: "Blood Drive"

  • Chanel #9's death at the hands of the Green Meanie. Chanel #9 had an extreme fear of needles, and Chanel decided to help her cure her fear by taking her blood, while holding her down on a table (at the same time, she would get blood for a blood drive that she was eager to win). When Chanel left the room, the Green Meanie and Dr. Hoffel stuck her full of needles, leaving her to bleed to death. Anyone with a fear of needles would be easily squicked out by the sheer horror of her body after its found.

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