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Heartwarming / Scream Queens (2015)

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Season 1

  • Chanel #3 and Sam's friendship. Chanel #3 throws an anti-lesbian barb at Sam when the latter helps the former light her candle during Boone's vigil, but afterwards they connect over being the smartest people in the house. #3 even admits that Sam is pretty cool and, while she's certainly not attracted to her, she still wants them to be soul mates and "alibuddies". It's one of the few times we see any of the Chanels caring about somebody other than The Beautiful Elite.
  • Even if Boone seemingly only wanted to climb into bed with Chad in an attempt to seduce him, the fact Chad begrudgingly agrees to let his best friend into bed with him because he thinks he's scared of the murders happening on campus is rather heartwarming, especially given how much of a jerk Chad was shown to be beforehand.
    • For all Chad was a too dumb to live Jerk Jock, his complete lack of homophobia towards Boone was nice to see. He never tried to change him, he knew Boone was gay (or he bought the act Boone was trying to sell?) but didn't try to force him to come out, he never made cutting comments or let anyone else about Boone's sexuality, and he was genuinely grief-stricken at Boone's 'death' and incredibly happy at his 'revival'. When Boone told him that Boone hooking up with a girl would make it so Boone could stay alive, he was confused but genuinely supportive rather than being happy at the prospect his friend might now be straight. The only thing he protested against, was completely reasonably, Boone's continued attempt to seduce him despite his explicit disinterest and orders to stop.
  • Hester and Chad attempting to warn people about the dead bodies at Zayday's haunted house is surprisingly noble of them, as up until this point we've come to know them as an ambitious psychopath and a douche-y womanizer.
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  • Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 consoling each other over the deaths of Sam and Rodger. Chanel #3 reassures the latter that she will find someone some day, and they both make a promise to try and outlive Chanel #1.
  • Chanel admitting that she has come to like Zayday after the slumber party. Especially since it comes right after Chanel saved Zayday's life.
  • Dean Munsch punch a costumed Jutice Scalia is really freaking awesome, yet it is also a rare moment when we can see her good heart while she supporting homosexuality.
    Dean: The homosexual lifestyle is not destructive to the fabric of American society. The Voting Rights Act should be authorized in every state. And the Affordable Care Act does not require people to eat broccoli!
  • Chanel standing up for Hester at Chad's Thanksgiving. It's possible that Chanel is finally starting to become less evil. It also helps that wasn't doing it for any ulterior reasons.
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  • Chad deciding, at the end of it all, to spend his Thanksgiving getting getting his Turkey on with Chanel. Of course he does it in his typical Chad way, but it comes off as good as both characters can make it.
  • Grace declaring that, while the killers may be her blood, everyone that she's suffered through the killings with are her family, even the Chanels.
  • It's short lived, but seeing Chanel being caught up in a moment of genuine friendliness and generosity towards the other Chanels is quite sweet.
  • A small moment, when cleaning the memorial in Final Girl(s), Zayday tells Hester to show Earl Grey "a little bit more love" with all the absurdity going on in the episode that was a moment that showed someone actually cared about the lives lost.
  • Chanel legitimately apologizing to Grace and opening a bit up to her about her mother. She was still the usual Chanel about it, but it was still sweet seeing they could put aside their differences at least for a moment.
  • It didn't last, but seeing Chanel and Chanel #5 become best friends in the final scenes of season one was pretty sweet.
  • Kappa holding candlelight vigil for Jennifer the candle blogger after she is murdered was surprisingly touching, especially given the usual reaction to deaths on this show. Even better, it seems that The Chanels took it upon themselves to organize the event.

Season 2

  • Chanel #5 and Tyler bonding and starting to fall for each other in Warts and All.
  • The Radwells' lawyer turning down Denise's offer to arrest Chanel for beating him up (because he revealed that Chad willed all the Radwell money to Dean Munsch), out of sympathy for her being in mourning.
  • Zayday's calling Denise her friend and standing up to Munsch when she suggests throwing Denise's dead body into the the swamp and cover up her death like the others. Considering that a majority of their interactions together where made up of Denise accusing Zayday being a killer, this show just how mature Zayday is and how she didn't hold Denise's actions against her.
  • Another moment for Zayday, this exchange with Chanel #5
    Zayday: Maybe you're not such a bad sidekick after all.
  • YMMV, but seeing Chanel rush to find Chanel #5 (without stopping to insult her or explain to the others) was pretty touching. Chanel only started bullying #5 again when they saw she was still alive.
  • Zayday kissing Libby on the cheek (after she inadvertently helps Zayday realize a way to narrow down the suspect list) was very adorable, despite Zayday exploiting Libby's being O Negative.
  • Chanel being very supportive and caring towards Brock in 2x07, she even gets the other Chanels to sing Red Balloons with her to help calm Brock down and keep his transplant hand under control. The best part? It works.
  • Chanel #5 is the only Chanel (including #1 herself) to be against Chanel continuing to date Brock after his hand threatened her life.
  • Cassidy saves Chanel #3 from one of the other Green Meanies.
  • It takes her a while to realize, but Chanel #5 is very concerned for Zayday when she announces that she is officially missing.
    • Chanel #5 also looks legitimately upset when Munsch reveals her illness.
  • In the denouement for season 2, Libby and Zayday end up taking over the CARE Institute and apparently do a good job of running it.


  • The outpouring of support and love that the cast gave to Billie Lourd (Chanel #3) after she lost both her mother and grandmother within a day of each other.

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