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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance:

  • In a flashback it is shown that Chanel #1’s predecessor as KKT president and the rest of her Girl Posse were all significantly taller than Chanel, and Chanel’s height is even brought up during a "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards her, calling her The Napoleon. Once Chanel becomes queen of the sorority, all the minions in her Girl Posse are the same height as her or shorter.
    • This may also explain why she has an inherent problem with Grace, who, at first glance looks like an ideal fit for a Chanel minion (blonde, gorgeous), but is a good few inches taller than Chanel. note . Observe.
  • Boone going "is that supposed to scare me?" when spotting the Red Devil might seem like a standard horror movie cliché of when the person encounters the Big Bad only to think they're just joking only to end up dead, which is what it seems to happen to the character. But when the end of the episode reveals that Boone is apparently working with the Red Devil, it may just seem like him finding his partners attire for their adventures to be ridiculous looking.
  • At the time it happens Chanel #2's lack of reaction when confronted with the Red Devil and calm exchange of texts with him would seem to be merely for the sake of making the scene funny. But when it is later revealed that the Red Devil costume is actually the university's school mascot outfit, it becomes possible that being confronted with someone wearing it would not elicit much of a panicked reaction from her.
    • Furthered by her flirtatious reaction to being offered to "Dance with the Devil." Its possible misinterpreted this as some sort of sign of affection.
  • The song that plays during Chanel-o-ween repeatedly uses "It's all about you". Works both ways: her fans think "you" refers to them, but for Chanel, it's all about her.
  • Grace tries to tie the bathtub baby into the murders and insists that the baby wants revenge, and she's quick to jump to people secretly being evil. She actually believes in horror tropes and is applying them to real life. Which makes a lot of sense when you consider her father's love of horror movies. This is the logic she grew up with, and she's applying what she learned from her father's movies into the story.
  • Chanel was worried that Zayday could be president of the house because it's the "age of Obama." Seems weird that she'd freak out when she already proved in the first episode that the girls could be bribed to help her get away with murder. But then it's revealed that she was faking her anger and whole campaign so Zayday could be elected as a figurehead.
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  • Dean Munsch closing the university after the death of Jennifer, with signs that she's very much hurt over this death more than the others. If you look at the first episode, who do you think brought Jennifer to Kappa in the first place?
  • It makes sense that the third killer would wear an Antonin Scalia mask, in an ironic, accusatory way - Kappa House has a long-standing reputation of being conservative and homophobic. If the Third Man is arrested then they can make a political statement against Scalia thereby undermining the same viewpoint that Kappa has built itself to uphold.
    • There's also another reason why the killer would have to wear a different costume - after the killers adopted the Red Devil costume as their motif, Munsch swapped out the mascot as soon as she could. Who's to say she didn't have any remaining Devil costumes destroyed?
  • During the episode, "Thanksgiving", Chad states that he's thankful that the killer hasn't killed him off yet, for whatever reason, despite their many encounters. However, considering that one of the Red Devil killers was Boone, who seemed to have genuinely thought of Chad as a friend, it is likely that Boone refrained from killing his best friend. Which would explain Chad's rather length survival.
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  • During the trailer for the show, Wes tries to make Grace promise to him not to join a sorority. As of episode 8, we now know why he would be against her joining any sorority - her mother was a member of Kappa and it essentially ruined her life!
  • When Sam is killed, she asks the killer to show their face. She suspected the killer's identity. How would she know that? If she was murdered by Boone, she would've suspected that his 'Suicide' was a lie.
  • Out of all the cast who witness Gigi's Decapitation Presentation, Wes is the only one to divert his gaze. Of course he would - he was dating her, for Christ's sake.
  • Munsch's comeback to Wes' claim that nobody wore condoms in the 90's ('Trust me.') takes on a darker note when you remember the whole plot was started by an unexpected pregnancy...
  • The opening credits make a whole lot more sense when you realize that Hester and Pete are the only ones who don't actually act out deaths.
    • Also, both characters have the rope in their scenes...
  • The Chanels' extreme personality issues seems like it might be the show purposely taking it Up to Eleven. But then you find out that there is no food in the Frat House, despite there being a big kitchen, and Chanel Oberlin made it illegal to eat any food, telling the girls to eat cotton balls instead. Lack of food for long periods of time can cause all kinds of mental and psychological issues for a person.
  • The Red Devil's plan makes more sense in the finale - it complete and utterly ruined the ideals of Kappa House, as well as revenge. They kill the members of Kappa during the incident that gave birth to Hester and Boone, murder the Dickie Dollar Scholars because their rampant sex would cause another pregnancy like their mother had, they frame the people who would uphold Kappa's traditional ideals for their crimes... The only reason why Grace and Zayday are still alive - aside from being nice to her - is because they aren't the same as the Chanels.
    • In addition, another reason for Grace to still be alive is because she is the half-sister of the Red Devils. Having only had each other (and Gigi) all their lives, it makes sense that they would want to spare blood family.
  • Hester claims to Chanel that being pushed down the stairs and then locked in the cold freezer relieved the pain of her scoliosis, which is pretty unlikely if you think about it. Being pushed down a flight of stairs is much more likely to worsen her condition. It's a hint to the fact that she doesn't actually have scoliosis. She faked it to keep attention off herself while she carried out the Red Devil killings.
  • This borders on Fridge Horror, but Grace had a lot of evidence to suggest that Hester was the killer, and she and Zayday didn't the accusations against Chanel #5. So, why were they so willing to believe Hester's claims against the Chanels? Look at it this way: Grace and Zayday wanted to change the way Kappa was run. The only ones in their way were the Chanels. With them in jail, they can remake the sorority in the image that they favor. Technically, the Red Devil did them a favor. So, they allowed a killer to get away with murder, even though they didn't really believe it was any of the Chanels, in order to get what they want. Add to the fact that Grace was repeatedly called out for not really being all that nice and just wanted to take advantage of the situation to make it about her, and it's not that surprising.
    • Especially, when you add to the fact that Pete - who confessed to being one of the Red Devil Killers - tells Grace this before he is killed in front of her by Hester.
  • Minor one but Chanel rants to Ms Bean in the pilot about the house being full of "fatties and ethnics". Later at Chanel #2's funeral, another character says something about not knowing what ethnicity she was. Chanel may have assumed that #2 was Ambiguously Brown enough to be a white girl with a tan and not counted her as an "ethnic".
  • Chad's loyalty is foreshadowed as early as the second episode, where he tells Chanel not to tell anyone else that Boone is gay. This shows that Chad is fiercely protective of his best friend, and that he'll ultimately walk out on his family after they're rude to both Chanel and Hester.
  • In the second episode it's Gigi who hires Denise as the security guard. As she was the mastermind behind the Red Devils, it makes sense that she'd hire an incompetent guard who isn't licensed to carry a firearm.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the pilot, Chanel wonders if Grace is so nice because she is on good antidepressants. Many fans noted that Chanel #5 has Took a Level in Kindness in season two, being more ditzy than outright malicious- Chanel #3 offhandedly mentions that Number Five is now taking antidepressants.
  • There is a logic to one of the Green Meanies targeting patients rather than the staff and/or Munsch: The fact they themselves aren't attacked is less suspicious. Time will tell, but this likely points to the first revealed Green Meanie not being the one who attacked Munsch and wounded Chanel #5.
  • Hester is mostly the product of Gigi's raising, but an argument can now be made there might be a case of In the Blood from both the maternal and paternal side of her family. Going further, one of the reasons she absolutely refuses to divulge the identity of, at least, one of the Green Meanies is because they're one of the few family members she has left. She might also be sore over what happened to her still living half-sibling.
  • A recent episode had Hoffel asking Chanel why she thinks so many people want to kill her. Chanel earnestly states that she has no idea. Now, on the one hand, this could just be Chanel being ignorant of how horrible she is. However, most of the killers on the show want revenge for past crimes that she wasn't even around for (The bathtub death in season one, and the dumping of the body in season two). What they are pissed off about had nothing to do with her at all. Therefore, Chanel may have a point.
  • In 2x05/"Chanel Pour Homme-Icide," Chanel and Chanel #3 are cleaning the bed pans together. During this, they gripe at each other and are generally catty to one another. After two seasons of them getting along really well (and odd feat for the Chanels) it might seem weird to see them 'fight,' however, who is noticeably absent in this scene? Chanel #5. Apparently Chanels one and three need a lightning rod to abuse to get all their anger out.
  • Why would Dr. Cascade help Dr. Holt by giving him a new hand? Because that hand managed to kick the Green Meanie's ass and having a less psycho hand would make him easier to kill.

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