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Chad and Boone are in a relationship
Boone's character video definitely really strongly implied he's gay for Chad, at least, but there's also a clip of the two getting cuddly on a twin-sized bed, which not too many straight guys would do
  • Jossed - in the actual scene Boone comes up with an excuse to be close to Chad, but Chad insists there is a pillow between them and makes Boone promise not to touch him inappropriately again.
  • Double Jossed - as it turns out Boone is not even gay at all.

The Dean is a former sorority sister/pledge for Kappa
She was there the night that girl died and it turned her off sororities.
  • She's probably the killer.
  • Jossed - Hester is revealed to be the killer.
The girl in the beginning was killed to make it look like a suicide
Whoever the killer is, they're trying to avenge the girl by trying to close down Kappa.
  • This troper believes it's been confirmed that she died giving birth to a child, but could be wrong.

There is a Chanel #4 and whoever she is she'll have extreme importance to the plot.
It's really too early to know what it may be but it's definitely no mistake that there isn't a Chanel #4.
  • Perhaps the girl who dies in the prologue is Chanel #4, and the number was retired in her memory?
  • Jossed. Chanel #4 got sick and died before the events of the show took place.

Grace will be a subversion of the Final Girl trope.
By either dying halfway through the season or being revealed to be the Big Bad (or working with them).
  • If this happens, it's highly likely that characters who are traditionally Asshole Victims, like Chad might live. Also worth pointing out that Chad's got the highest billing of all the males, despite being the least famous of them.
    • Alternatively not only will Grace not survive till the end but the final girl will actually be Chanel.

Chanel will undergo a Heel–Face Turn by the end.
it's apparent that Chanel wasn't always the bitch that she was. It's possible the events of the story will force some character development and force her to confront her own insecurities rather than letting them control her actions. Grace does attempt this but it fails but it won't be the last time they are addressed.

Potential Red Devil suspects/helpers.
  • Melanie (the previous Kappa leader who got burned in the flashback). Just because the Red Devil approached her, doesn't mean that they were behind it. Perhaps Melanie is working with them or is even the Red Devil herself now. After all, as a member of Kappa, she likely would be able to gain access towards the freezer to steal Ms. Bean's body.
    • Incidentally, Episode 12 is titled "Dorcas", which may or may not signify an involvement with the murders.
    • Also, as her skin is badly burned, she would have a reason for wearing the Red Devil mask when not out killing, as the third killer has been shown to do.
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  • Grace's dad. While he may want a job at the university to be close to his daughter, what if he wants to be close to his victims. In fact, Grace may be the baby born at the party. I know she's been stated to be eighteen and freshly starting college, but for all we know, he might be lying this whole time to her. After all, the actor playing her father isn't even twenty years older than Grace's actress. Maybe that's intentional and she was born to her parents when they were young and in college.
  • Whoever is the baby born at the sorority party. It's pretty clear that whoever this baby is (with the show set twenty years after the birth of the baby, it could be anyone at the college) will have some form of a role in the show. Angered at discovering the death of their mother was at this party while her friends did nothing about it, they donned the Red Devil costume to hunt the current generation of Kappa girls. On that note, I believe Gigi was the brunette girl holding the baby and sobbing over the dead girl, if only because of her reference to something bad happening to her in the 90's plus how she noted that the music Grace's dad was listening to was apparently 1995 music which in turn could also be viewed a point in favor of Grace's dad.
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  • Chanel #4. Given how ignorant and uncaring Chanel is of her fellow sisters, she probably would just believe the fact #4 died if she received a letter about it in the mail. Perhaps #4 is alive and hunting down those who were never truly her friends to begin with?
  • Gigi. It was very convenient that she distracted the dad and suggested getting coffee, while the Red Devil killed the bodyguard in the car. Though, it would be kind of odd since she was the one who hired them in the first place. She was most likely present at the party in 1995.
    • Confirmed to an extent. Gigi is the twin sister of one of the girls from 1995 and raised the two bathtub babies, training them to become the Red Devil killers. However, her 'children' end up turning on her and she is killed in Episode 10.
  • Dean Munsch. She clearly hates that sorority, can't legally touch them, however if they start dying either she'll be able to shut the down. Or they will all die and she will be free of them. Likewise, another piece of evidence is whoever is in the Red Devil Costume (assuming their isn't more than one) can't be that tough, as Chanel 2 was able to floor them with a single blow. Someone say like a thin woman, in her mid fifties? Plus what's more awesome than having the ultimate Scream Queen herself, get to be the murderer for a change?
  • Zayday. #CAHOOTS
  • Jennifer. She's the least focused on Kappa sister and while that might be a recipe for her to end up killed off later, the most innocent of the sorority might be the one behind it.
    • Jossed., Jennifer is killed mid-vlog in Episode 8.
  • Chanel #3. I think I read somewhere that her earmuffs are more than just a reference to Carrie Fisher, the mother of the actress who plays #3. What if it's some form of communication device between her and whoever she is working with to feed her info on what to do?
  • Since Boone's comments towards the Red Devil come off as more than a little flirtatious (when he's clearly in on the deal), it's possible that at least one of the Red Devils is male. With such a large female cast though, that limits the possibilities. Given the above, Chad would most likely fit the role, either not reciprocating the comments/thinking Boone is only teasing, or even secretly being in a relationship with him, and only protesting to sharing a bed in case someone catches them.
  • Grace. The apparent Final Girl is the killer. This would require some Heavy Rain level dialogue manipulation, but perhaps some of her responses have not been the obvious interpretation such as her discovery that Pete owns a red devil costume and her disdain for her father being her new Film professor. Grace has attached herself to Pete, but perhaps instead of attempting to solve the mystery with him, she's using his research and investigative skills to pursue her own agenda while deliberately misleading his quest for knowledge. For example, in episode 4 Mandy dies shortly after meeting with Grace and Pete. Rather than being a case of the killer being hyper competent and finding and killing Mandy the night after telling her side of the bathtub baby story after twenty years of living in seclusion, this could be Grace covering her tracks. This means Wes could be one of two things:
    • Wes is Good All Along. In this scenario, he's not trying to protect Grace from a potential killer; he's trying to protect the Kappas from a daughter he knows to be dangerous but doesn't have the heart to have arrested or killed. The purpose of his film classes is to teach his students Horror Tropes to build up some Genre Savvy in them and give them a chance to survive.
    • Alternatively, Wes is Evil All Along. In this scenario, he's trying to protect Grace from being caught committing the murders, and the purpose of his film classes is to gloat about the Horror Tropes, including teaching his daughter how to play the Final Girl to keep everyone from suspecting her.

There is more than one Red Devil killer.
That is the school's mascot and considering the barista Pete has the costume in his dorm there is probably is more than one costume. Perhaps they're all working together or all separately who knows.
  • Confirmed in episode 3. The frat encounters two Red Devils simultaneously.
  • Episode 8 confirms there are three killers with two costumes between them.

Hester was right about everything
Partway through the series there will be a Genre Shift into the supernatural, with the spirits of the deceased haunting the remaining characters - except for Hester, who already knows how to deal with death. Her obsession will make her dangerous and she'll end up as the Final Girl.

The attack on Chanel # 1 was fake
We were not shown the shot in real time, but we were told how it happened by her. The way the scene is shot makes it also seem more fake. She is also the first to get away from him and she managed to hit him. He also had a lot of time to paint on her wall after she left screaming for help. It doesn't mean that she is the killer, but she could also possibly just wanted to scare the pledges to make them leave.

Chanel # 5 has something to with the writing on the wall after Chanel # 1 was attack
It would explain why she wants to go up there in the first place when there is supposedly a killer there. She wanted everybody to see the message.

Mrs. Bean faked her death as well.
The flashback makes it pretty clear that she's playing dumb. I strongly suspect that such a detail wouldn't have been added if they were done with the character. Given that she's too big to be wearing the suit, that gives us a minimum of three killers.
  • Agreed. She had been in the room long enough to know that the fryer was on, and just before she was attacked, she was eyeing a knife. While the Red Devil was seen at the scene of her apparent death, every time he's actually directly killed someone (except Deaf Taylor Swift), he's used a similar knife.
    • Jossed. Hester and Chad found her body in the house on Shady Lane. She was very dead.

The entire plot is an elaborate plan to seduce Chad
Since Boone is obviously is crushing on him. They're working with the Red Devil in order to hit all of his buttons and make him run into their arms.
  • Jossed. Boone had faked being gay.

Pete will turn out to be the Baby born, but isn't the Red Devil
Its to obvious for him to be the killer, however its clear he knows things that the others don't. Perhaps his obsession with exposing the secrets of Kappa, is to find out what truly happened to his mother.
  • Jossed as of Episode 4, where the baby is revealed to be a girl.

Sam ("Predatory Lez") will be the next victim after Deaf Taylor Swift.
Guessing that their introductions have some indication of how important they are. Chanell remembered Hester's full name, so she has longer to live.
  • Confirmed, at least among recurring characters.

Hester will become a killer separate from the Red Devil.
Hester will become more confident in herself when she gets a makeover in episode 3 and start to think she's above morality and start killing people. She already has the knowledge so it's not too far a stretch.

The meat locker is magical.
For some reason both people who have been stored in the meat locker after being killed have disappeared with one of them even posting pictures on their instagram. Perhaps when bodies are stored in the meat locker overnight they're brought back to life.

The police ruled one of the deaths a suicide to cover up their own incompetence.
The Police ruling Boone's a suicide makes no sense given the cavalcade of evidence to the contrary. Until one realizes that the body disappeared from the morgue before they even had a chance to do an autopsy. One of the fastest ways to close the case and try to divert attention from the body's disappearance would be to rule it a suicide.
  • Jossed, Boone had trained to reduce his heart rate and had practiced how to fake a realistic slit with makeup. It's likely it fooled the first responders and simply never got to be examined by the coroner.

Chanel #5 is one of the Red Devils, and was behind the death of Madison Dorkis
. This troper has picked up on some Yandere tendencies Chanel #5 has for Chanel, especially during her rant against Boone. It's possible that she may actually be a Psycho Lesbian and that the rant was a trick, and that she's working with Boone in order to keep Chanel to herself and away from the unworthy...remember her panic attack at the news that anyone could be let in? And as for Dorkis' death, she may have tampered with the tanning spray because she knew they were going to humiliate Chanel.

There are multiple groups of Red Devils and they aren't working together
There could one Red Devil that wants revenge on the Kappas, and who didn't kill Paul when there was an opportunity. The other two with a chainsaws could be thrill killers, that is why Coney was killed with no obvious connection to the Kappas.
  • Some of them may be copycats, trying to use the opportunity to get rid of people they hate and pinning all the murders on the original. In that case, the main thrust of the series might still be to find the first devil, having ancillary devils revealed in episodes leading to the finale.

Pete was the Red Devil who wrote "Sluts Must Die" in the KKT house and attacked Chanel.
Considering how prior to this scene he was revealed to have a Red Devil costume, but also had Chanel reveal to Grace that the two of them had dated previously, he may have decided to prank her for revenge, especially after his fight with Grace.

The baby of twenty years ago will have no connection to the murders.
It's only a convenient Red Herring to give a character more of a background, and will also be mentioned in the show as something of a cliche (possibly as a Take That! to the ending of the Scream TV Series, another murder mystery series that ran before this one and who's killer had been a baby born who disappeared and was related to the deaths prior to the current events.

Gigi was the girl who stayed with Sophia as she died.
She's very kindhearted, as the girl was, and also dresses in 90s fashion due to a traumatic experience. Watching a fellow sorority sister die after giving birth can do that to a person.
  • She could possibly be one of the two girls who had either been institutionalized or Driven to Suicide, as she could be suffering from PTSD or faked a suicide, changing her name to help other girls in the KKT sorority in order to prevent other deaths like Sophia's.
  • seemingly confirmed as of "Haunted House". The hag talked about in 1995 appears to be Gigi who was raising Sophia's baby. The reason she probably wails because the despair she felt from witnessing Sophia's death and possibly blames herself for that.
    • Episode 11 reveals that Gigi was the twin sister of the girl who stayed with Sophia. She raised the twins after her sister committed suicide in a mental institution and trained them to be killers as part of an elaborate revenge scheme against KKT.

Chanel #5 is secretly in love with Chanel in a Yandere fashion.
She's the only one still angry that others are being let into Kappa. And there was her reaction to Hester receiving a personal makeover from Chanel herself. Plus she keeps bringing up sex and she was the most angry at Boone wanting to join Kappa. Maybe she's in the closet herself and is mad that all these new inductions might take Chanel away from her.

Sophia's baby is the girl the Dean's husband left her for
In "Haunted House" is is confirmed that the baby was a girl, and the Dean made a point of mentioning that the woman her husband left her for before the events of the show was 19 years old, making her the exact right age.
  • Jossed. It's a separate girl who is called Feather who is The Ditz. Plus, it's confirmed there are two Red Devils, Boone and a girl who is still free after Heather gets framed for murder.

Denise and Zayday are the killers.
They accuse each other to throw off suspicion, while also making sure that if one of them goes down, the other is unlikely to be suspected. It also gives them an excuse to constantly be around each other (they coordinate their efforts, while Denise pretends to be stalking her).
  • If that's the case, why would Denise confront Zayday alone and attempt to throw her in jail using "evidence" she found against her? If they were in cahoots, Denise wouldn't accuse her in private and try to pin things on her, and Zayday wouldn't act like she has no idea what's going on. Their car confrontation would make sense if it was in front of other people.
  • On this show method-acting serial killers getting into character as an innocent person would make a surprising amount of sense.

Chanel #1 is the baby from 20 years ago.
She's been in the sorority for a while and is likely older than Grace (18). The fashion designer who gives her all her clothes? He's not actually a friend of the family, but her real father who feels the need to provide for her. He doesn't tell her her origins because he wouldn't want to traumatize her with such a gruesome story, or confuse her.
  • Karl Lagerfeld is a real designer and openly gay. Chanel could still have an anonymous benefactor, though.

Someone who survives season 1 will be killed off in the first episode of season 2.
Since it's confirmed already that characters who survive this season will appear in the next, I expect one of them will be killed off in an anti-climatic manner. Basically to parody all those horror movies that kill off its' survivor in the sequel rather in a very lackluster fashion.

Dean Munsch is the baby from 20 years ago.
She is now killing people off now to fuel the ritual that will let her younger version (the one born in this timeline) to travel back in time and keep the Stable Time Loop running. It just appears to be about revenge, but it's likely she cooked up the precise situations to get things to happen exactly as they originally happened, including approving the party where she was born.
  • No offense, but how is that even possible? Dean Munsch is definitely older than 20 years-old. Have you not seen the flashbacks to that night? Dean Munsch was there.
    • She was born, traveled back in time so she'd be around 40 when she's born...

Chad will end up killing the red devil to avenge Boone
But the Red Devil he kills will be Boone, however Chad won't learn this and instead will go off drinking to celebrate avenging his best friends murder, unaware he actually killed him.
  • Jossed - previews for Episode 9 shows that everyone knows Boone is alive and one of the killers.

Ms. Bean really didn't know about the pictures of Chanel in her room.
It was all a Frame-Up in order to get Chanel to dunk Ms. Bean's head in the fryer, which the murderer turned on unbeknownst to anyone.

Ryan Murphy adores Emma Roberts.
At first I thought it was weird how her characters in AHS were bitchy in various ways and had horrible deaths. Seems pretty insulting, right? But then consider how Madison became a breakout hit in Coven. (Base-Breaking Character status aside, she's definitely the most well-known and quoted character of the season.)

Emma Roberts was cast as a lead in this show because Ryan loves Emma so much, he's trying to propel her into meme-dom with another bitchy but quotable character.

Chanel #3 is doomed.
She's the daughter of Carrie Fisher, and is about to be in The Force Awakens. It's quite likely she's about to attempt a major film career launch, so they'd need to write her out.
  • Potentially Jossed? #3 survives season 1 and Billie Lourd (her actress) has been confirmed to appear in season 2. Her role in Star Wars was featured to little more than a cameo.

Chanel #4 will be The Stinger.
If they were going to use her this season as a villain, they would have mentioned her more. The final shot of the season will reveal that she's still alive, and will be the villain of next season.

Chanel #3 will be the Bathtub Baby
She was adopted by a former Kappa which allowed her easy access into the Sorority as a Legacy. This would also explain why she believes her father is Charles Manson - she knows she's adopted but jumped to the wrong conclusion.

There is no killer
The whole thing is a set-up by the victims in order to prove how utterly incompetent the local police are. We know they fucked up when Boone was killed in Episode 2 so why not?

Kappa House will burn down
This is mainly due to all the fire in the opening credits.

Gigi was written for Danielle Harris.
About the right age (Harris would have been 16 in 1995, and playing two years older in her mid-30s wouldn't be hard), lots of interaction with her mother, and does anyone seriously think Ryan Murphy DIDN'T approach the second biggest Scream Queen alive about this show?

The killers are Gigi, Boone, and Earl Gray.
Obviously, only the final of the three is a guess at this point. However, Ryan Murphy seems to be writing this show around The Un-Twist. We expect a Shocking Swerve, but instead the most logical thing happens. For example, Gigi was the girl holding the baby in the flashbacks, who became the hag, and eventually one of the Red Devils, the Red Devil keeps showing up when he's actually expected, and Dean Munsch killed her husband.

Now, we already know that the first two are the killers, however Gigi was on the phone with one of the others in episode 7, and referred to "You guyS," meaning there's at least one more. For that, the obvious candidate is Earl Gray, because he's shown an interest in Zayday, that could lead him to kidnap instead of kill her.

  • Jossed, Boone was only pretending to be gay and is the one in love with Zayday and murders Earl Gray in order to have her.

Feather will never be seen or mentioned again.
The very fact that her lover's murder was unrelated to the other killings means that there's no reason any of the other characters would come across evidence of her innocence over the remainder of the show, meaning her fate will be Fridge Horror.

There is a Liz Da.
She'll have nothing to do with Chanel #5's anagram, but #5 would still go out of her way to protect her. If she dies, it would just be because of her involvement with #5 or Kappa. It would indirectly lead to Zayday, but by pure coincidence.

The villains will be thwarted by Benny the Bull
.He will save the remaining characters and slay the Red Devils because the Red Devils are a disgrace to mascots everywhere, as well as to avenge Coney.

The third member of Team Devil is female and one of the Kappas.
Considering Gigi and Boone have been confirmed to be two of the killers, it makes sense that the one that will be unmasked in the finale will be the bath tub baby and so female, this excludes Grace and I doubt it's Chanel or Zayday, so that leaves #3, #5, and Hester as suspects.

What we know so far...
Ok so for the identity of the Red Devil we can eliminate all the people who are dead, it's been confirmed that the killer is one of the two bathtub babies in 1995 so we can eliminate Dean Munsch, Denise, and Wes. It's been confirmed that the killer is female because Boone was the other baby and Devil so that eliminates Chad and Pete. Grace is eliminated because she is nine months younger and her parentage has been confirmed. Zayday is eliminated because Boone was into her and there was no way anyone would realistically believe that Keke Palmer and Nick Jonas are twins. That leaves the three Chanels, meaning one of them is an amazing actress.
  • Given how perfectly Boone was able to fake his death, I don't think we can rule out Hester, either. MAYBE Jennifer as well.
  • Chad and Pete can't really be ruled out either, as they can easily have an Ass Pull and say the twin girl was trans and became either of them.

Hester did not die and will return in a glorious cheesy fashion.
She wore that neckbrace for a reason, which might offer her some padding somehow.
  • Confirmed! While she didn't plan to survive the neck brace saved her life.

Pete is trans and the other Red Devil killer.
  • As noted before there were two bath tub babies. Boone was obviously the boy but what if Pete was the girl? Perhaps a throwback to Sleepaway camp? Aside from hints thrown around like the song "Butcher Pete" playing on the radio in Hester's ghost story there is also that comment that Gigi made about "cutting off the breasts" of the turkey. Given Ryan Murphy's ability to handle situations like these with an appropriate amount of sensitivity it's pretty likely.
    • Pete's admission to Grace that he's a murderer along with his cryptic phone conversation and the way he looked at the Red Devil costume make it seem pretty likely, at least that he's the other killer.

The surviving killer is either Chanel #5 or Hester.
I doubt they're going the trans direction, which means it has to be one of the remaining girls whose a) white (since it's Boone's twin, and was shown to be white in the painting), and b) doesn't have a family that's shown up. So far we've seen at least one family member for every main character except #1, #5, and Hester. We've also seen #1 call her mother when no one else was around. That leaves #5 and Hester, who have never interacted with their families in the show to date.

This is actually a really hard choice, ironically because they're both such OBVIOUS choices they seem like Red Herrings.

Scream Queens will be an anthology show like AHS.
Ryan Murphy is a Trolling Creator. He said that the survivors of this season will continue into the next season...there will be no survivors. Or at most, Munsch will make it out so they can hold onto Jamie Lee, to oversee an unrelated series of murders next semester.
  • Better yet, what if it's an anthology exactly like AHS - actors play entirely new characters in different time periods. Season 2 could involve the cast in the 80's at a camp or in the Roaring 20's New York fighting a Jack the Ripoff. Maybe one of the cast could become a parody of the Black Dahlia.

Wes was in a fraternity when he was younger.
He did acknowledge that he was a 'bit of a man-slut' in his younger days. Maybe he was a Dickie Dollar Scholar? This could lead him to becoming The Mentor or possibly a surrogate parental figure to Chad.

There are two more killers: Chanel O being the main killer and the last of the trio, with Grace being an independent fourth killer.
Chanel O is almost definitely one of them, on account of her having the best motive and making the most sense but the show refusing to treat her like a suspect. There's also some fairly notable hints to her, like Melanie Dorkus saying Kappa's next president needs to be able to "dance with the devil" or Chanel #2's deleted text message from the pilot saying "I know it's you Chanel." Seeing a the Chanels get attacked at the mall on Black Friday, either Gigi' death was faked or there needs to be a fourth killer not working with Oberlin. Grace seems the most likely candidate
  • Although to be fair, the Red Devil outside the door never attacked them. It's possible (and on this show not even that much of a stretch) that someone wearing the mascot costume might have just happened by.
  • It's interesting to note in the scenes where the Red Devil killed Boone and Gigi, he/she never spoke a word despite the fact they were alone and no one would've recognized him/her. I'm thinking the reason being is that it wasn't the other bathtub baby under the costume but someone else which is why he/she didn't say anything otherwise Boone and Gigi would've recognized that it wasnt their sister/wardwhich leads me to
    • Partially confirmed. there was an additional conspirator wearing the Red Devil costume: Pete. And it was him who killed Boone. The fact that it was Pete also explains why he kept quite during that scene... he needed Boone and Gigi to think he was Hester.

Grace killed Boone and Gigi

  • She already suspected Gigi of being involved with the Red Devil and didnt like her jumping into a relationship with her father which gave her a motive to kill her. Grace already knew Boone was the 2nd Red Devil and that hed faked his death so she killed him and Gigi to protect the rest of the Kappas. Some foreshadowing for this is when Grace's dad asks her if she could kill Boone (her newly discovered half-sibling) to protect Kappa house to which Grace responds passionately that shed do anything even kill to protect the rest of the Kappas. That and her plan to kill Dean Munch whom she suspects of masterminding the Red Devil killings would show that she's not beyond murder. Plus she knows someone (Pete) with a Red Devil costume, she couldve gotten the costume from him.

All the survivors will have to assume new identities and go into hiding.
Murphy has said he plans to change up the location every season, and season 2 will be a Summer Camp. Can you really see any of the Chanels working at a Summer Camp of their own free will if they still had access to their families' wealth?

Gigi faked her death.

Given the other Red Devil's loyalty to her (killing Boone instead when they were plotting to murder Gigi), it seems unlikely that she'd just turn on her so soon afterward. There's also the fact that Zayday said that Gigi's roasted head actually smelled really delicious. I think the head was actually not made of human meat at all and was a very convincing prop to make it seem like Gigi had been killed.

  • Seemingly Jossed in the finale The Red Devil who killed Boone was Pete, who wasn't all that loyal to Gigi to begin with.

was lying when she said the only person she killed was [[spoiler:Pete.]]Pete didn't say anything about having killed Gigi, and suggested that he didn't think Gigi was a threat without Boone, which is why he spared her. Furthermore, Boone's dialogue with who he thought was his sister suggested that the two of them were planning to kill Gigi. It's quite likely that it was Hester in the Red Devil costume at Thanksgiving and that she carried out the plan that she and Boone had concocted.
  • Alternatively, the previous WMG is true and her claim that she only killed Pete is an indication that Gigi's not dead.

Next season the Chanels will return, but with their hierarchy completely shaken up.
They'll be out for revenge on Hester. However, without wealth or popularity determining rank anymore, the leader will be the person with the most cred as a murderer, Charles Manson's daughter Chanel #3. Without the Asylum's medication Chanel #5 will be back to her old self, now denigrating Chanel #1 constantly, who in the absence of her own wealth is barely able to function outside the Asylum.
  • Better yet, assuming that their daughter is gone forever, #5's parents never bother to legally disinherit her (same is probably true of #3's, but she has siblings), and a DNA test can easily prove that they ARE her biological parents. So, after being released by an Appeals Court judge (see below), they kill her parents and make it look like an accident for the money, so that #3 is the brains, #5 is the money, and #1 is basically a homeless bum dependent on them to even eat, who they keep around because humiliating her amuses them. However, to be more useful to their cause over the course of season 2 #1 tries to develop skills at forging documents, which ends with her killing #5, and forging a will leaving everything to herself.
    • On a very slight alternative as she's the strongest, toughest and most ruthless #1 is going to become the new group's muscle.

The Chanels' stay in the Asylum will be short.
Obviously, this assumes that Chanel isn't killed. However, we know that Hester's "evidence" against them was so weak that the jury nearly found them innocent, even without a defense. I'm guessing the same is true of both the judge and the prosecutor, who probably would have dismissed the case if Chanel had just kept her mouth shut. Now that Chanel is actually happy and not constantly screaming at people, it seems likely that an appeals court judge will look at the actual evidence, and overturn their conviction.

The Red Devil at the very end is Gigi, who faked her death.
Relating to an above theory: Hester has no reason to attack the Chanels while they're in an Asylum. It would only give them more attention, when her plan to get rid of them already worked. Furthermore, Pete said nothing about killing Gigi, and Hester claimed to have only killed Pete. Of course, Boone and Pete both died on-screen, so that leaves a final Red Devil conspirator: Gigi.

Following Being Released From the Asylum, the Chanel's Will Restore Their Finances Before Carrying On
Due to them not knowing how to function in the real world, it makes sense they will try to get their money back and this won’t be as hard as it sounds. Chanel #3 most likely won’t even have to bother, her parents probably never even noticed she was imprisoned and thus bothered to disinherit her, she’ll probably just be able to call them for money and they'll send it unaware anything has changed. Chanel #5 assuming her parents thought she was gone, and didn’t bother to disinherit her, as mentioned above she can easily go for a DNA test prove she is their daughter, then either have them arrested for giving false testimony leaving her in control of her families money, or have them killed (let’s face it they really have it coming) and make it look like an accident.

Finally Chanel it’s going to be the hardest as its confirmed her parent did disinherit her. So she’s probably going to be last, and spend some time dependant on the other two (and obviously they’re not going to let all her previous abuse towards them be forgotten). However while not smart, she does understand politics well enough to know the benefits of PR. If she’s been declared innocent and released then she can easily play herself up to the media as an innocent victim who was abandoned by her family in her time of need (considering the moral characters of her mother, it’s not going to be that hard to sell provided she can keep her nastier side in check in front of the camera’s), and wait till the public opinion against them turns so bad their be forced to adopt her back.

Boone was bisexual
Or actually gay. As Hester said, his "cover" as a gay guy didn't give him any tactical advantage, and was actually a risky move, since the DDS were said to be homophobic. Either way, if Hester's flashbacks are accurate, he probably was scared to come out of the closet for fear of either Gigi or Hester's reaction, and took the opportunity to take "gay" as his cover, and justify any actions that either would have heard and to experiment what otherwise would have been impossible. Yes, he shows to be attracted to Zayday, but he also touches Chad innapropiately(at least once) AND in his will, leaves everything he has to Pete, when either Chad(His bro), Zayday(His crush) or Hester(His sister, which granted, would blow his cover) would have been better options. He probably got the hots for Pete, or considering all the lies going on there, it's possible Chad was right and they were full gay lovers. Also, either he was genuinely attracted to Zayday or he was faking that to fool Gigi and Hester

Scream Queens was originally conceived as an American Horror Story: Coven spin-off.
At the time Coven was airing, Ryan Murphy made comments about wanting to do a spin-off, and he obvious decided not to go ahead with it. Scream Queens shares many elements with Coven, with its predominantly female cast, campy sensibilities, heavy emphasis on fashion, and Emma Roberts in a starring role (and playing a very similar character); there's even some of the old-young conflict with Dean Munsch and just about every girl. It's easy to imagine Murphy taking the idea for the spin-off and adjusting them to make this show.

The new killer of Season 2 is getting revenge for Season 1
It's Feather, the Kappa who Munsch framed for murder who is now targeting the hospital to destroy the reputation of the woman who framed her.
  • Not likely considering the murders started thirty years before, and only restarted after the hospital reopened.

The first Green Meanie isn't who it seems to be
After the first two episodes everyone is probably thinking the original Green Meanie was the wife. But I think it more likely that it was her brother or brother-in-law or a hospital employee disgusted by the corruption in the hospital.

Chad's death was fake
He could have learnt about Boone faking his death and do the same.

Hester was caught on purpose
Having set up another elaborate murder plot in advance she wanted to get close and play cat and mouse with the Chanels/Munch(who she assumed would reach out to her) while acting as an accomplice to the actual killer(s?) and providing them with extra Chanel intel as they'll likely discuss plans in front of her and she can chose when to feed them clues as bait

Also think being 's transferred to the cure institute was a happy coincidence rather than the actual plan.

's Chad is still alive
On camera nobody touched his skin directly, nobody checked his pulse and he had the resources to hire a very convincing dummy to either fool an autopsy,or assume that the person doing the coronary was so they wouldn't have time to directly inspect the fake, the cure institute doesn't appear to have a dedicated coroner

Libby will snap
She could be done with the bullying and everything she endured and will do like Munsch in Season 1. Which means killing one of her enemies and framing the Green Meanie. Moreover, it would interesting if she freaks out and becomes more insane and dangerous than both Hester and the Green Meanie, thus becoming the real villain.
  • Jossed, as far as season two goes....

Chanel is bisexual, and is deeply in denial.

Nurse Hoffel will be killed and it will be especially brutal.
Since Kirstie Alley is a Trump supporter, it seems like they'll take great pleasure in killing her character.
  • Also, when they would discover her corpse, one of the character would scream "That's awful!" and Oberlin would be mad at them because she wanted to say that.
    • Confirmed!! Except for the "Awful" joke.

Zayday and Chanel #5 are gonna be a dynamic duo
Libby will be a mix of Nancy Drew and Dr. Watson while Zayday would of course be Sherlock Holmes.
  • Moreover, Libby's theory about Jane could like be true.

Chanel #5 was lying when she 'confessed' to having teeth in her vagina
Just because there are too much evidence against this being true- (Rodger and Dodger having sex with her without a problem, the fact that vaginal teeth cannot possibly be real, and the fact Chanel just made it up to fuck with #5 and her randomly being right would be a huge stretch on believability) Chanel #5's reason for lying might be that she wanted Chanel to have a victory of sorts before she died. Or maybe Chanel insisting on it often made even Chanel #5 believe it?? It just seems too cruel even for this show to have Chanel #5 really have that deformity.
Chanel #3 is a slight jab at Kendall Jenner
Kendall/Sadie are quite, lowkey individuals amongst a “family” of wealthy histrionic sisters. Sadie eventually comes to realize that she’s pansexual and promptly comes out as such, and Kendall has had rumors of being lesbian or bisexual due to keeping her dating life very private as well as her being the “boring” one.
The three main Chanels are the Evil Counterpart to the three titular bears from We Bare Bears.
Both are a chosen “family” of sisters/brothers who have periods of high social acceptance and of being social pariahs. The Bears seek genuine friendship and try to win people over by being friendly, nice, and helpful. The Chanels simply want popularity for social power, and use their beauty, wealth, sharp tongues, and cunning to climb social ladders. Individual comparisons are as such;
  • Chanel->Grizzly: The Leader who takes on the role of the “older sibling,” the one most concerned with social matters, Grizzly is affectionate and caring towards his brothers and is more openly so with Pandaw hereas Chanel demeans and bullies her sisters, and more viscously
  • Sadie->Ice Bear: The Quiet One, largely emotionless and arguably the Chanel/Bear with the most amount of genuine confidence. Ice Bear took the time and effort to learn a great many of special skills and talents, whereas Sadie is too apathetic to bother learning really anything.
  • Libby-> Panda: Plagued with anxieties and neurosises, always trying to find a significant other due to intense feelings of loneliness.

Scream Queens exists as a show within a show in the American Horror Story universe...
And furthermore, Chanel #1 was portrayed not by Emma Roberts, but Madison a Montgomery. Bonus points if Chanel #3 wasn't portrayed by Billie Lourd, but Mallory.

If the show does get that movie or third season, Grace will be a Red Herring.
  • The Red Devil that attacks Chanel in the Season Two finale will be assumed to be Grace (perhaps with Grace having been released from Stanford soon before) only for it to be revealed that the actual killer was/is Chanel #4- who faked her death.

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