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Awesome / Scream Queens (2015)

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Season 1

  • Gigi fighting off the Red Devil in "Chainsaw," keeping herself alive through quick thinking and by taking advantage of her surroundings, finishing with a kick that sends him flying over the couch.
  • The Chanels deciding that they're tired of being objectified and delivering an epic beatdown to some douchebags in the cafeteria in "Haunted House." Chanel #5 actually breaks a lunch tray over the back of one of them.
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  • Even if they are shorts, Chanel #3's big fat shut-up to both Chanel #5 and her boss, Chanel. All of this with a powerful monotone.
  • Dean Munsch revealing herself to be an Action Girl by single-handedly demolishing all three of the killers at the same time, sending them running.
    Dean: When I was a junior, I spent a year abroad. I had an affair with a beautiful Eurasian man named Chon Wi Ha. He was a grand champion in the illegal Hong Kong fighting pits. Blood sport, they called it. I taught him everything I knew about making love. And in return, he taught me how to fight.
    • Grace slapping Chanel across the face after Chanel rudely tells her about her late mother.
    • Denise taking over KKT and blackmailing Chanel into apologizing to Grace and changing her ways by threatening to make Chad her boy-toy.
  • Channel standing up for Hester and roasting the entire Radwell family.
  • The girls try to kill Dean Munsch because they believe her to be the Red Devil. They do this by poisoning her, then locking her in a freezer. She shows no side effects of either!
  • Chanel finally growing a spine and standing up to the Red Devil. Even after taking a crossbow bolt to the shoulder, and with the Red Devil preparing to finish her off, she's still cursing them out.
  • Grace versus the Final Devil. Sure she lost, but damn did she pull off one hell of a fight.
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  • About 90% of the finale consists of Hester explaining how she systematically manipulated the events of the entire season in order to frame the Chanels for the Red Devil murders and got away with it.

Season 2

  • The Green Meanie, with a cold weapon, is fighting Munsch who only had a pamphlet folded into a roll. Who won? Munsch.
  • Denise insulting and fighting the Green Meanie.
    Denise: Now I'm-a shoot you for ruining my Khaleesi costume, you son of a bitch!
  • Chanel #3's Grim Reaper costume. There is even a glowing red-eyed raven standing on her shoulder.
  • Libby being a rather good sidekick after all by noticing a picture which refute Zayday's theory that Jane's child can only be white. Moreover she has speculated a good idea about Jane being a murderer after what we discovered in the episode.
  • In 2x07, Sadie figures out that Cassidy is the Green Meanie and insists that she shouldn't turn him in because she is tired of being selfless and always doing the right thing for the greater good, Libby has this reaction-
    Chanel #5:When have you ever done that?
    • It's small, but definitely satisfying considering what a cad Sadie has been to Libby.
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    • Not to mention how impressive it is that #3 figured out one of the Greenie Meanies' identities on her own.
    • Holt versus Green Meanie in the same episode. Thanks to his killer hand, Holt wins and god was it awesome.
  • Zayday and Chamberlain plan to either defeat the Greenie Meanie or hurt him enough to get a piece of the Greenie Meanie's clothing which culminates with the Greenie Meanie being tasered, Chamberlain tackling the killer, and Zayday getting enough piece of of the costume.
  • In a glorious Throw the Dog a Bone moment,The Chanels end up having to take the MCAT, and Chanel and Chanel #3 both cheat, having Brock and Cassidy feed them answers via an earpiece (the two of them also book-checking) and they both of course pass. Chanel #5, however, not only passed without cheating, but also got a higher score than both Chanel and Sadie!
    • As in, Libby got a higher score (three points below a perfect score) than two actual doctors got.
  • Sadie openly identifying as Pansexual, as well as the show verbally acknowledging this.
  • Dangerous and misguided as it may have been, Chanel #3 demanding that Cassidy stop killing people, as well as being brace enough to try to convince his mom to let him stop.
    • Also, when Jane starts acting like a soon-to-be stepmother and insult her even if Sadie had brought her flowers. #3's answer roasted her more than Wes.
    Chanel #3:I heard enough. I'm sorry your husband died and it made you sad. But can't you see the major logic fail in closing down a hospital that is actually curing people? Isn't that what you were so upset about in the first place? No one who worked at the hospital back then still works there. You're mad at architecture and geography. It would be like murdering all the guests at a Hilton hotel just because you got bummed out listening to Paris' awful song.
  • Nurse Hoffel gets one, just for this line
    Hoffel: Chanel, have you ever considered why so many people want to kill you?


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