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Nightmare Fuel / ReBoot

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  • Comes in high doses in Season 3. Quick rundown:
    • Enzo, AndrAIa and Friskett playing a Mortal Kombat spoof, complete with an unbeatable User who slashes out Enzo's eye. In order to escape nullification (which is a major Nightmare Fuel concept in its own right) they have to enter GameSprite mode and leave Mainframe with the Game, leaving Dot to think that her only family was nullified. Oh, and Enzo and AndrAIa? They're KIDS.
      • The user's character fights a number of fighters and every time applies a finishing move of gripping a clawed hand around a victim's head, and then some crunchy Sound-Only Violence occurs and a ominous sting plays. Keep in mind that the most memorable thing of Mortal Kombat to many people was the icky fatalities, and Sub-Zero's ripping out the head and spinal column was widely considered the ickiest. This was all but stated as an obvious homage while Getting Crap Past the Radar, and innocent young Enzo is watching all these other CPU characters go through something too violent to show on-camera. He's actually somewhat mature about it, but then he's last seen laying defeated with the hand coming down over his face. And then the sting plays, as the camera cuts to AndrAIa and Frisket stuck spectating. Now that's cold.
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    • Enzo and AndrAIa are stuck in a never ending cycle of violence as they travel from system to system via the games.
    • When they finally do return to Mainframe they find that Megabyte was able to take over and turned it into a warzone.
    • Phong is decapitated by Megabyte and his head is tortured into giving up the passcode needed for Megabyte to infect the super computer.
  • Before that, there's the climax of "Painted Windows", in which Bob rips Hexadecimal's mask off in a desperate attempt to distract her, and she struggles to contain her full power while Hex's mask comes to life and mocks Bob for dooming Hexadecimal to self-destruct by removing her Power Limiter.
    Mask: Guardian... Guardian! You have removed the only thing that keeps her power in check! Without the mask, Hexadecimal will overload, and be destroyed! You fool, you silly fool!
    • The very end of this episode is a Jump Scare where Hex's Thousand-Yard Stare face briefly flashes into her Slasher Smile. Then the screen fades to black but her Glowing Eyes of Doom remain like two green dots on a black background.
    • Enzo falling off of the rotating cards and into the many screens can be very frightening to a small child.
    • Lost Angles in the episode is especially creepy, being full of abstract art (including nulls with Bob's face on them and imagery based on the works of Salidor Dali)
  • Megabyte, infected by the web creature. Black with silver highlights, the claws on his hands permanently extended, red eyes, and a serpent tongue.
    • There's also Hex's infected form, which involves much of the same, a black outfit with silver highlights, the serpent tongue, blue eyes that turn red as she approaches Mike and Scuzzy, presumably to kill them, and this is not only after we witness Hex being horrified as the web creature held her down and approached her, AND this is also not long after "Painted Windows" (only two episodes removed from it).
  • Basically, Hex could always be counted on for SOME form of Nightmare Fuel, intentional on her part or not.
  • The very first episode had a creepy scene of Megabyte running up a vertical wall on all-fours, like some kind of Hell Hound.
    • It happens again in the episode where Enzo and Frisket are stuck in the Tor. Also, Megabyte grabs one of his tanks with Enzo inside of it and begins beating it around the room. Anytime Megabyte decides to dish out a physical beatdown (including his climactic battles with the heroes) is some of the show's most violent physical stuff. It only serves to make it scarier when you realize that Megabyte by himself is no match for Hexadecimal.
  • The Funhouse, from the game itself to the Bad Future shown as a result of Bob and Dot losing it.
  • The Web Creature. It doesn't help that its full debut comes in the Paranoia Fueled episode "Trust No One" and that the damn thing looks like the unholy product of Cthulu and a vampire. Add in the fact that it drains the life from its victims with highly-visible "veins" that stick out of their skin and are organic enough to twitch and writhe in pain when severed... brrrrrr.
  • Dot's partial erasure from a magnet. She flashes like an X-ray skeleton, but with huge eyes. Overall it looks very creepy.
  • Daemon's infected all come off as very disturbing cult followers blindly following her word. It's a very chilling experience trying to talk to one of them.
  • Let's take a look at the before-mentioned Nulls. When a Sprite or Binome is severely damaged in some way or another (losing a game is the most common), they're nullified. All that's left of their data is a little multi-colored slug that gives off horrible screeching and mindlessly feeds on any available energy. More than once it's brought up that a character's loved one is now a Null, and that's just horrifying.
    • Games aren't the only way this happens, as the destruction of Mainframe's Twin City resulted in the nullification of most of the sprites in the system (which is why Enzo has no friends his own age). This included Dot and Enzo's father. And if they hadn't been delayed by the construction of Dot's Diner, it would have included them as well.
  • From the video game: Hex's Dot impersonation. She looks like Dot, but moves like Hex, with the sashaying hips. It's ever so subtly wrong looking and cements Hex as a Yandere. And then there's the horrible squelching sound when Bob figures it out and pulls her mask off...
  • Megabyte steals a box from Hex. Megabyte opens the box. It's a powerful bug that turns everything and everyone to stone, spreading over the city in a wave, and there's no way to stop it. Oh, and everything that gets transformed will eventually disintegrate. Note Hex had the box protected just to lure in Megabyte to steal the box all so he could open it and release the virus For the Lulz and to just screw over her brother.
  • The Giant Spider in Wizards, Warriors and a Word from Our Sponsor. Hope you're not arachnophobic kids.


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