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Nightmare Fuel / No Country for Old Men

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Meet Anton Chigurh.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Anton Chigurh is the scary foreign Terminator. Everything about him is unsettling. On top of that, there's the bleak, eerie film noirish atmosphere, even in the daytime. And then there's gunshots and blood everywhere, and special mention goes to Anton's captive bolt pistol.
    • Once you get past the Terminator feel of Anton and start examining his philosophical outlook on life, if you can even begin to comprehend it, it takes the nightmare fuel that he exudes to a whole new level. The Nostalgia Critic said it best: "Total shit-your-pants philosophy."
    • The fact that he's still at large when the film ends doesn't help at all.
    • It's pretty safe to say that any scene featuring Chigurh is bound to leave viewers clenching their teeth. Wherever he goes, death seems to be not that far behind, and that is only made worse by the characters who don't know who they are talking to.
  • The Slasher Smile Anton makes when strangling the guard in the beginning of the movie, it is one of the very few scenes where we would see his expression.
  • The infamous coin toss scene, where Anton decides whether or not to kill a local gas station clerk. Just the thought of having your fate decided by Heads or Tails? is unnerving.
    • Keep in mind to in regards to the scene: All the clerk did was start small talk, and Anton began to dissect everything about his life and his choices and deciding if he should live or die on a coin toss. The clerk's confused and downright terrified reaction is unsettling. Even when the clerk's choice lands him to live another day, Anton still has to frighten him about the coin being 'special'. Makes you wonder if Anton was gonna kill him anyway.
    • Theres also an exchange earlier in the scene, when Chigurh asks the clerk what time the store closes. The clerk replies that it closes around dark. Chigurh then asks what time he goes to bed. The replies with 9:30. Chigurh responds: ‘I could come back then’.
  • The Car Accident scene in which you would see Anton's broken bone sticking out on one of his arms.
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  • Anton's confrontation with Carla Jean. She calls out his Blue and Orange Morality logic and has Anton decide her fate without the coin. Cue Anton's complete Villainous Breakdown, with subtle movements as he bluntly tells Carla Jean to "call it".


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