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Nightmare Fuel / Mowgli

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The first trailer does its job to cement that this film isn’t going to take the Lighter and Softer approach that most other adaptations have done to the story.

  • In the first trailer, we are shown Mowgli imprisoned by humans and being horribly treated. Bagheera recalls similar mistreatment from his youth.
  • Shere Khan. Even with this film incorporating his Handicapped Badass status from the original book his menacing appearance and demonic voice by Benedict Cumberbatch reminds us that he’s still a very real threat for Mowgli. The fact he looks like a tiger version of Tai Lung only adds to the horror factor.
    Shere Khan: My, my... how you've grown...
    • Benedict Cumberbatch is very clearly channeling his performance as Smaug in Shere Khan, making him seem less like a wounded tiger and more like an demon.
  • Once again, Kaa manages to be pretty intimidating, even if they are going for her as a good guy this time around; when we first see her in the trailer she has Mowgli caught in her coils and seems to be toying with him a little, a spooky little reminder of how powerful she is compared to him and how delicate he is compared to her. What's more, Shere Khan is afraid of her, to the point of leaving Mowgli be simply because the python ordered him to.
    • Pretty much true to the book despite the adaptational sex change.
  • Baloo is a huge bear with a scarred, partly bald face and yellow eyes that give him a terrifying look that falls into the Uncanny Valley. Add to this the fact that he has a deep, grating voice and a harsh personality, and you get as far from the Beary Friendly Disney character as possible. Only mitigated that he still very clearly has a heart of gold underneath that hardened exterior.
  • Lockwood's collection of trophies is already unsettling, but the cherry on the cake is Bhoot's taxidermied head. Not only does just it come just about out of nowhere, it's still smiling!
  • At one point, Mowgli is swimming underwater in a small pond alone when he sees Shere Khan approach to drink. Frightened, Mowgli latches his foot under a tree root and tries to hold his breath, attempting not to be noticed by the tiger. As Khan laps at the surface, the blood from his recent kill washes off his face and coats the water between him and Mowgli red. After a tense few moments, Mowgli cannot hold his breath for longer and he gasps for air. The bubbles rise, plopping to the top and alert Khan to his presence. The tiger looks into the water, gazing deeply in. When the red blood fades he sees Mowgli at last, and then he slowly, gradually smiles. And it's absolutely terrifying.
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  • Lockwood is so focused on getting a shot at Shere Khan he doesn't even notice Hathi, a huge, angry elephant, approaching to get revenge. Even worse, that's Truth in Television... They really can be that stealthy and quiet. And of course they never forget...

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