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Nightmare Fuel / Mulholland Dr.

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I hope that I never see that face, ever, outside of a dream.
  • The infamous "man behind Winkie's" scene featuring two guys, a diner, and something resembling a zombie hobo out back.
    • What makes it so disturbing is that unlike your typical Jump Scare, the....creature doesn't actually jump out at the guys, but instead sort of slides outwards with unnatural fluidity, as if it's moving on rollers. It sounds ludicrous in context, but it is absolutely not.
    • Also a little meta-Harsher in Hindsight. Remember when the one guy says "I hope I never see that face outside of a dream"? Flash forward 5 years to Inland Empire and, well... we get to find out exactly how he was feeling.
    • Now flash-forward 16 years from Mulholland and compare that creature to the Woodsmen.
    • This can also take another very depressing turn if you look at her as literally just a very dirty hobo. Her odd movements could also be because she's mentally ill like homeless people tend to be.
  • Sierra Boniokayta. This is when the film takes a much darker turn, as Betty and Rita investigate the apartment of Diane Selwyn, looking for answers regarding Rita's true identity. Do they find anything? Yes: Diane's decaying corpse in a bed. The neighbor's knocking on the door somehow makes it worse.
  • Irene and her companion. Despite initially coming across as a lovely elderly couple who wish Betty luck at the beginning of the film, we later cut back to them quietly traveling in a limosine with ghastly smiles plastered on their faces. In their next appearance they proceed to torment a hysterical Diane until she shoots herself.
  • Llorando. What starts as an ominous stage performance gradually shifts into a Tear Jerker, and somehow becomes more terrifying the longer it goes on. The film goes straight into Mind Screw territory just after.

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