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Nightmare Fuel / Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

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Zyuranger in general is one of the scarier seasons of the series. And this is a season with heavy focus about kids.

  • No matter how hammy she is, Bandora’s hatred for children is enough to make you fear her...especially if you are a child yourself.
  • Those who fail to answer Dora Sphinx's riddles correctly are trapped inside trees that are about to be cut down. Unseen and unheard, they can do nothing but scream as the tree they're in is being cut down.
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  • Geki witnessing the aftermath of Tokyo's destruction and the Zyurangers' demise in Tyrannosaurus' future vision.
  • Dora Goblin eating the souls of children.
  • Dora Boogaranan swallowing Geki and Dan whole.
    • What happens to Boi and Goushi is arguably worse; They are still conscious and aware after being turned into spheres of light, unable to do anything but scream as they fly down the monster's throat.
  • In Episode 20, just imagine being one of the children on that bus getting picked up and soon set up to go over the side of a cliff!
  • Imagine being a parent hearing about massive numbers of children going missing on a regular basis...
  • Dai Satan and his laugh. Just the idea of a big blue floating head in the sky!
    • The process of summoning him. First, 13 children at 10 years old get sucked into anything that has a reflection. Then they're all sealed while being aware into a tall, disturbing tower, with their face and hands visible, and suspended there, to be sacrificed for Dai Satan himself. That and during the process of summoning him, Bandora is supposed to be weakened and near death as she continues the ritual and to top it off she screams that she's gone blind and we clearly see blood running from her eyes, she does get restored to normal once she successfully summons Dai-Satan.
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    • Also the way Dai Satan explodes. Even with the massive Special Effect Failure, it still looks terrifying.
    • Then there's what happens to Dora Franke. His skull splits in half. Goodness gracious.
  • Burai's nightmare before his death. Nothing's scarier than the thought of you dreaming of you about to die and it's going to happen... Except for Burai himself, when he saw that there's one boy about to get claimed soon, and that's when Burai started freaking out, it looks like for him, not saving the boy is scarier than going to the afterlife alone.
  • How many kids' souls were cooked and eaten by Goblin?

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