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Funny / Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

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  • Episode 13: Two words: Apple Boobs. Poor Mei.
  • Episode 23 goes two ways. First, after Dan and Boi's transformation sequence is interrupted by a ball that induces Love at First Sight... the two go gaga over Mei, causing a hilarious chase sequence that ends with them getting caged to prevent any further havoc. When Goushi gets hit by that ball, he goes gaga over... his Side Zaurer.
  • Episode 27: In the beginning, Mei is visiting a boy who is offering her flowers. But then, a similarly aged girl came around (the boy's crush), and the boy completely ignored Mei just to woo on the girl. While she's not mad, Mei's sarcastic comment kinda sells it, "So, I'm too old for you, huh?"
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  • When Grifforzer first sees Lamie his excited freak-out is hilarious. It could also count as heartwarming since Grifforzer thought she was dead.
  • A meta one with the main team (sans Hideki Fujiwara) at no less than Power Morphicon 2016, and their attempts at performing the henshin poses. Bonus points for Reiko Chiba's sheer cuteness throughout, especially when Yuta Mochizuki botches the roll call by cutting to the end just as Reiko is about to do Mei's intro.


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