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Tear Jerker / Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

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  • Burai's death. Kai's death may also qualify.
  • A late episode when the imitation Zyurangers appear may count. For the first time in Sentai, rather than creating evil imitations for solely fighting the Sentai, this one is used to make Zyurangers look like bad guys, and it shows when a mother slapped Mei right on the face when she's just helping a kid, followed by the people throwing stones to the Zyuranger and driving them away. Hell, to hammer it home, aside of the lamentations of the heroes, we're also given with the second time Mei is visibly crying (the first time is when Burai died). Of course, by the end they came back to life, but before that, it was a pretty powerful scene too.
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  • Bandora's sobbing fit when Kai dies for the second time.

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