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Nightmare Fuel / Friday the 13th (2009)

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  • Jason's face; the designs have run anywhere from unsettling to disgusting in the originals, but they outdid themselves in this one.
  • The Reveal that this incarnation of Jason has created a system of tunnels underneath Crystal Lake. Paranoia Fuel doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • The page image comes from a shot of Jason near the end of the movie. He looks downright hateful.
    • Specifically, this occurs during which he's preventing Bree from screaming and the whole build up to it is quite tense. All Bree can do is futilely struggle against him while Jason just sorta... stands there staring off into space. Then he delivers that look and you can almost feel the anger radiating off of him.
      • Some fans speculate that his pause may have been because he'd been raping her before impaling her on the nearby antler rack. which, while unlikely, would take Jason into new levels of chilling depravity if true.
  • The sleeping bag kill from the beginning of the movie just might be one of the most brutal kills in the entire franchise.
    • To elaborate: Amanda is stuffed inside a sleeping bag, which is then hung from a tree right above a campfire. Complete with shots of her terrified reactions from inside the bag before the sleeping bag tears open and her corpse falls out, parts of her face burned off. Brrr...
      • The soundtrack during this is panic inducing.
      • There's also her boyfriend who is Forced to Watch this happen and being unable to do anything about it because he got caught in a bear trap trying to save her.
      • Speaking of said bear trap, the film doesn't shy away at all from showing the exact damage it does to poor Richie's ankle. We get explicit close-ups of the metal teeth digging into Richie's skin and ripping it wide open with his bone marrow peaking out. And this before we see Jason come charging up to him and slam his machete deep into his skull.

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