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Nightmare Fuel / Flux Buddies

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  • Nano's accident in the Apprentice is at first ignored, but the more the flux spreads, the worse her symptoms become. She fell into the node sphere by accident, and shortly afterwords something starts causing her to act increasingly strangely. She keeps going into an odd trance and talking about how pretty the Vis node is (at this point it's a swirling vortex of purple and black that even Lalna called terrifying). And what's more, the purple taint on her arms is also in one of her eyes, and is still growing.
    • As of Flux Buddies episode 93, her Flux has spread even further, and Lalna is also infected.
    • That, coupled with the fact that the flux is a full-blown Eldritch Location, means that Lalna and Nano might be becoming something...else
  • Over the course of the series, poor Nano has been slowly overtaken by Flux. Now the Flux has covered at least her arms and half her head, and her eye has grown bigger and turned dark purple. She describes it as being slightly sticky and gross. And the voices have gotten worse.
    • Lalna became infected with the Flux as well. And he's hearing voices. Though, by his own admission, it's not clear how much of the voices are the Flux or his own mind.
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    • Nano's infection has now spread to both her eyes, and in episode 83 of season 2 she ran off into a Taint-controlled area for a short duration while singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star". It now seems it's only a matter of time before she is fully infected.

The Apprentice

  • On one of the Christmas livestreams, Nano, Lalna and Simon are messing around in the old Tekkit world. Simon is going through the spawn eggs added by the various mods. Simon spawns a naga. It starts destroying the area. Simon spawns some more. And some more. Bad things happen. Lalna tries setting off a nuke, and it still doesn't kill them. Simon basically unleashed a plague upon the world.
    • And as of the Apprentice episode 10, the Naga Plague has reached Lalna's castle, and got inside one of his towers, and he was totally unable to stop them



Flux Buddies

  • They finally manage to break into Lalna's fluxed ruin of a former castle and rummage through the things that were stored there. However, Nano discovers a underground laboratory that even Lalna didn't know about, where testificates were being locked up. Closer investigation by Nano reveals a experiment log revealing that the testificates were part of an experiment to convert their brainwaves into energy. And the person who signed it? Lalnabal Hector.


Flux Buddies 2.0

  • Lalnable Hector is practically all of the Nightmare Fuel in this show gift wrapped into one psychopathic package. The first time he's mentioned, his journal is found in a secret room underneath Duncan's old, Flux infected castle, detailing how he was using testificate brainwaves for power. Think about that for a minute. He puts innocent human beings into tubes and converts their brains into an energy source.
  • The events of episode 51 reveal that Lalna was replaced with a clone, and has been trapped in a crazy elaborate trap room. And he's been in there for two days with no way to contact Nano, and no idea how he even got there.
    • In hindsight, it's even worse. Lalnable knows about how respawning works, so building a room that would insta-kill Duncan would be pointless. You'll notice that even though Nano broke about half the tripwires trying to free him, he didn't die. Because the room wasn't supposed to kill him. Lalnable designed it so that Nano couldn't save the only friend she has without him getting stabbed in the eye. Talk about cruel.
  • Episode 55 is nothing short of a bloodbath. First off, Lalnable is able to just waltz through all of their bases defenses like they aren't there. Then, he brutally kills every single Chocobo and paints pictures with their blood. It gets everywhere.
  • In episode 80, it is revealed that Lalnable Hector is back. And this time he's making clones of Nano. After a bunch of rejects crawling with Body Horror, it seems he has succeeded.
  • The Reveal at the end of the series. Lalnable (if he's telling the truth) isn't a failed clone of Duncan. He is the original and Duncan is the failure. And now, him and Specimen 5 have escaped back in time and completely levelled the entire map with their base's self-destruct sequence. Since the time gate was destroyed when Duncan and Nano went through, we have no idea where they ended up, whether or not they can come home, or if they even survived the journey.

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